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March 2007 bubs Lock Rss

Hi girls, here for my update whilst both are sleeping lol, before I have to do the dishes hehe.
Annika went back to her usual self, self settling, sleeping well etc etc.
Then on Monday she went backwards again, look in her mouth, the top tooth has cut the skin, it still hasn't broken through yet. It's very swollen and has moved further down too, almost there.
So her sleeping has gone to the crappa again. Stefan trien settling her last night, after about 10mins I got edgy and did it myself lol. Sometimes I wish he would do it and then when he does, I would rather do it myself hehe.
Annika is still slow on food, not really fussed, she does however love her sweet potato, mixed with apple, she gobbles her toast and today she quite happily munched on a piece of apple. I also give her carrot stick to try and dig her teeth into.
She is sitting really well, very strong, she leans really far forward no to reach for things. Today she managed to scoot backwards on the floor boards on her bottom lol
Best go, things to do again lol.
take care talk soon xxx

1 monkey, 1 diva = the love of my life

Hello, Austin went well with his checkup 2day. He is 69cm and he weighs 9kg.
He is sitting up really well now, lots of crawling catching up 2 his brothers..
Nicholas couldnt get his immunisation cos he is sick again throwing up heaps. He has lost a bit of weight & only weighs 7.550 kgs. They measured him & he is 65cm so i looked in his book & he has only grown 1cm in 2 months so i measured him & he was 70cms, so im not sure who is right. He got his 5th tooth threw yesterday.

Got to go he has just woken up chat soon

My 3 beautiful boys DS1-05, DS2-.07 & DS3-09

Hi Girls

Well cooper is doing ok with the bottle, he manages to drink about 50mls of formula before each bf so he is gradually coming around. The first couple he cried and screamed it made me cry to I was so upset because he was so sad. But anyway thanks for the suggestions and support girls, we have found the teat he likes the best and hopefully the formula, but I will be very sad the day he is completely weaned, I think breast feeding is the most wonderful expereience, but as many as you know work calls. But get this I work in childcare as a Director, I let them know that I was returning to work after 12 months and that I wanted a spot kept for Cooper, I went in to see them and they do not have a spot for him for 6 months UNBELEIVABLE!!!but they still want me to come back. talk about cranky anyway mum has offered to look after him. Sorry about the long post but just had to vent that last bit.[/img][/url]

Afternoon ladies!!!

Not much has been happening as we are getting ready to move into our house!! I cant wait eather..

My family has just left and Liam has just gone to sleep so I guess I better clean up for the MIL as she's coming tomorrow for a WEEK.

She can help me pack.. Sounds good doesnt it??? lol

Anyway Liam's still a good little boy good for his dadda and mumma..

Oh well better go and do something as the house is now a mess from my niece putting things everywhere..
So until next time,

Danielle and Liam xoxoxo

hi joyleen
im a new member i have a little girl jessica she was born 2/3/07 jess is now 7 months old my first i am loveing motherhood and still learning new things everyday.
i didnt relise that huggies had a forum i wish i new about it sooner i think its great to be able to chat to u guys about anything i had so many questions when jess was first born as u do being a new mum.
ill try post in this one.

im new here and somehow managed to post a complete new thread lol

anyway im amanda and i have a darling lil girl who is 6.5 months. her name is chloe and im a single mum. i love being a mum.

chloe is on the move well backwards any way and she has just got her 3rd tooth grin
UPDATE: Chloe cut her first tooth last night and there is another 3 sitting just under the gums...YAY. She is also crawling and into everything!! I can't believe she is 7 months old already, i know i say it every month but boy does time fly.

Thats all for now.
Hi everyone

I am new to this forum. My little girl Chloe Elizabeth was born on 9th March after 14 hour labour, weighing in at 2.69kgs. Very small although she was full term. Chloe was born with Pulmonary Stenosis and was operated on at Princess Margaret in perth at 12 hours old.

She is now a very happy and healthy 7 month old who is always laughing, smiling, blowing raspberrys and "talking". Not into crawling yet but trying to walk.

Must go for now as she wants her apple and oatmeal.
[Edited on 16/10/2007]

Paula - Mum to Chloe 9/3/07

Hi Guys well I had a grumpy bub last night but after some Donnalix he is fine...wanted to fart but couldn't god love him.

Ryan had his 6mth needles on Sun (2 weeks late due to being in hospital and 2 weeks late for 4mths)... and the doctor who was Chinese obviously doesn't see many BIG babies...

The doc said Put Ryan on the scales and I said Oh that's not gonna work as the scales were up to 10kg only.... Ryan was 9.3kg at 4mths and I'd say he'd be easily be pushing 11.5kgs... Anyway the doc turned to me and said

"I'd recommend you stop feeding your son sweets"...

..What does he think I feed him chips and lollies... Ryan eats can porridge, puree apple and pears, home cooked veges and a custard maybe every 2nd day or something... I have a very SOLID boy, not rolly polly but everyone else seems to have the problem with his weight.

He's happy all the time, laughs, rolls, sits on his own, has 3 teeth with the top 2 ready to pop, eats 3 meals a day and 4 bottles, sleeps 10-12 hrs a night with a few wake ups sometimes....I couldn't ask for a more happy settled baby...

Sorry just had to vent it really annoyed me that a doc thinks I feed my kid crap and he's only 6mths old.

Hope everyone is well and their kiddies are giving them heaps of hugs and kisses.


Luke & ~Rhiarna~ 13.05.04 & Ryan 26.03.07

Helo, just wondering if your bubs are still facing the rear in their car seats? I have to move Austins straps up 2morro, so was thinking i may turn him around as well! He sits up well now and weighs 9kgs.
Thanks. Leah...
Morning Ladies

Joey i cannot believe your doctor would imply such a thing!! I hope you put him in his place quick smart! What a nerve! Im sure your bub is not the only solid bub he has seen in his profession. Sounds like he is happy and healthy.

Leah we turned Isaacs seat around a while ago now. Sounds like Austin is ready. Isaac loved it when we turned it around. He hated facing the rear, he used to cry all the time.

A quick update on Isaac. He has 2 bottom teeth and 1 top tooth. He has been fairly grumpy with the top 1 but is back to his happy self now it is through.
He is pulling himself up on the furniture now so i have had to remove the remotes out of his reach (typical male, goes straight for the remote lol). He is also starting to try to copy things we say. Bub is still the only word he says atm.
Last week at child care he was bitten on the face by another child. It was a nasty bite and is still visible, though is almost faded. We know these things can happen but DH and I were not happy campers!!
Anyway thats about it for now. Hope all mums and bubs are well. Chat soon xx

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