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March 2007 bubs Lock Rss

Hi everyone,
Glad to have found you. Well have had a few problems with William, he has really struggle to gain weight with me bf him so unfortunately have had to wean him to the bottle, I was upset but I needed to do what was best for him.The only thing is he has relux so he has to go on a special formula.Anyway other then that everything is alright, just cant believe he is nearly 6 weeks old.


Hey Liz,

Our little ones were born on the same day!
Think I had a teeny weeny baby compared to some people, Ryan was 3000g at birth and at his 6 week weigh in he was 4140g, he is the lightest baby at Mummy and Me class but yet is one of the eldest.
I am so jealous of some of the mums on this thread, what I would do for more than 4 hours sleep at a time! And I thought I had a good baby my friends little one wakes up every hour!
I think Ryan is going through a major growth spurt, he crying alot and seems to want food literaly every half hour or so. Is anyone else experiencing this kind of behaviour?
I am hoping it ceases soon.


Hi Melissa,

Tannah goes through the same thing, some days it seems like i do nothing but feed her. I'm guessing that it's growth spurts, other days she doesn't seem to have much at all.
She's started to sleep for 7-8 hours regularly at night time, which is fabulous, although she doesn't go to sleep until around midnight but sleeps until around 7am. She doen't sleep much through the day though, only cat naps.
Got big cheesy grins happening now - they are so cute!

Hi Girls

Thanks for the email Naomi. I was most upset too when i realised all our pages were gone. And i havnt been on since then coz isaac is awake most of the day!! He is growing so fast. At his 4 week check up he was 4.2kg and 54cm so he had put on 1.1kg and 6cm. Lil porka smile He is a catnapper through the day and is sleeping good most nights. On the odd night he will wake a couple of times. He is now on formula, which upset me at first, but is doing great. He gets his needle on wed and will be weighed again so ill let you know how big he is. I just love his cooing and smiles, he is just adorable. He loves tummy time and gets up on his knees, he is very strong. He also loves to pull my hair sad
Well i better go get some things done while he is sleeping. Will try to chat more
Take care all
Fi xxoo

hi its good to see more march mummies joing in.

i had my six week check up today. it looks like i may have an infection in the uturus(sp)so i am now on antiboitics(sp)and my iron could be low from bleeding still because of the infection. everything else was fine.

sorry this isn't puntuated propelly but i am trying to type with a baby on my lap. I will have to go and get dinner sorted. I hope everyone is enjoying their new babys.


Ps Helen is getting better at tt. she has done a few wees in the potty over the last few days and has told me when she has done poos in her nappy. yeahh!!!

wow! I finally found you guys again. Thought you were all gone since Huggies changed everything. Dont know why Huggies had to fix something that wasnt broken. Its great to see that everyone is doing well. My wee girl Keely is now 9weeks old and is currently 12lb (5.4kg, she is being breast feed and bottle feed, my milk supply just wasnt coping with her demands. she sleeps really well, especially at night 7-9 hours everynight, yay at least i'm now getting some sleep. Keely is the light of our lives and her 3 brothers just love giving her cuddles and helping me with her, weather is feeding her a bottle or helping me bath her and they even pick out her outfits for the day. All my fares of the boys being jelous have been washed away, they just dot on her. Gotta go Keely has just woken up from her morning sleep, hope to hear from you all soon

mandk qld

Hi All

Just a quickie to let you know Isaacs weight. He is 8 weeks and is 5.3kg and 57cm. Head is 38cm. He is lovely and chubby, just gorgeous!! He had 2 needles and his dadddy held him because i just couldnt. I hate seeing his bottom lip drop, it breaks my heart. Anyway all is good, he didnt have any side effcts from it.
Hope you all have a very special Mothers Day with your precious bubs and children.
Take care xxoo

Hi fellow March mummies

Well here is my little update of Brandon.
He had his needles on Tuesday. He was a little grizzly that afternoon but nothing a bit of panandol and lots and lots of hugs and kisses from mummy didn't fix.
Today he had his 8wk check up (where has the time gone) and is now 5705g (WOW) his head is 40.4 and is 56.6 cm in length. There is no stopping him now. He is totally melting my heart with all his smiles.

Looking at Isaacs size it seems like Brandon is short with a big head, lol. Just proves they are all different.

Well everyone take care!!


Jake, Jemma & baby Brandon

Hi all,
Glad you found us Fiona! Send me some pics of Isaac, and when I get 2mins peace I will send some of the kids to you.
I have no idea how big or heavy Annika is now, but 3 weeks ago she was 5015gms, she must be pushing 6500gms by now. She may have started out small but she has grown as chubby as her brother did. (at 3mths he weighed 8kg!) Must be something in my milk lol.
Things are going great, the past 2 nights she has gone down about 8pm and woken at 6am! A big change from her brother, but even he is sleeping through now. Yay for me.
Annika is long with big kissable chubby cheeks. When she smiles her eyes light up, she has the best time in the bath, gurgling, smiling the whole time. She doesn't cry too often, and when she does she is so quiet I always need the baby monitor on to hear her, barely used it with Dominik.
There is nothing more sweet than looking at her, then Annika recognising me and smiling with her gums showing!
Well, before this turns into a mushy novel, I'll check out until another time lol.

1 monkey, 1 diva = the love of my life


How are we all going?
I've never been in this forum before but, looking at the posts that are in here I remember chatting to some of you will we were pregnant-that felt like yesterday.

Well, my little bundle is now 7 weeks. She made a extremely fast delivery into this world- my husband delivered her in our car on the Pacific highway on the way to hospital. After all this she was fine and healthy. She even made it on the front page of our local paper! My 2 previous labours were 23.5 hours and 22hrs. So, this labour I was extremely shocked how fast it was-I felt the 1st pain at 10am and had her within 2.5 hours at 12.32pm. She weighed a healthy 3.242kg.

She is settling really well at home with her 2 big sisters.
My 17 month old daughter is soooo gentle with her-its so beautiful to watch. Im so blessed to have 3 beautiful daughters. day we will try for a son.

Hope all is going well with everyone.
Chat to you all soon

[Edited on 11/05/2007]

Sarah, QLD- 3 ADorAbLe Daughters!!

Hi Ladies,

I have finally found you with big hugs and thanks to Naomi.
Firstly big hugs for all.

My beautiful tessa is now 10 weeks old, 4.3kg,56cmlong and is smiling beautifully at everyone.
Tessa sleeps for about 2hours at a time during the day then sleeps from 11pm to 6am at night.

our whole family is smitten with her.

G 8 B7 G 27/2/07

Hi ladies,
Well Happy Mothers Day. my little man now weighs 4.42 kgs and is starting to go really well.
G 10, g 8,g6,b5,g2 and b 28\03\07


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