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March 2007 bubs Lock Rss

Fi, yes I did put the doc in his place...then DH got a little worried thinking Ryan is too overweight...he's not overweight at all, he's a solid bub doesn't have rolls on rolls, his thighs are big but I wouldn't say he is fat at all...and I'm trying to look at this as non biased as I can.

Going to early childhood centre with both my boys in a few weeks so I'll have a chat then.

Sorry to hear about Isaac at care, wow a bite, I do hope he's ok... poor little bugger.

Leah, I turned Ryan's seat around on the weekend just gone as he was kicking he backseat and was not comfy at all.
On my seat I can have it forward facing with two levels, laid back a little or complete upright so until he gets used the sitting up in the car I'll lay it back a little.


Luke & ~Rhiarna~ 13.05.04 & Ryan 26.03.07

HI Girls

How is every one today, oh Joey how rude is that doc Ryan sounds very health and cute, I just had cooper weighed he was 17 pound 11 oz didn't but on much weight over the last 4 weeks but he has grown really long.

I asked the clinic nurse if she had any suggestions on weaning cooper to a bottle as I am still having trouble checky boy, anyway she said what do you want to do that for, I told her that I have to return to work in december and that I have a wedding to go to in a few weeks, she said thats ok you can still bf, but I really want to wean him, just cant seem to get him to drink the bottle, I have tried every temp and teat but no go, he doesnt mind the taste of the formula but just wont drink it. So she was no help at all, don't know what else to do.[/img][/url]

Hey all.
Hope you mums and bubs are doing fine.

Just a quick update on Victoria, her two bottom teeth are nearly all the way through, not really giving her grief so i have to be happy about that. She looks so cute with them. Shes sitting up by herself now.
Still not crawling but is always up on her knees and swaying.
Solids are going good. She abit picky.
I also found out today that im pregnant again!!!!!!! Were abit shocked but stoked about the news. I hadnt had my period since Victoria was born but i thought the breastfeeding was delaying it. I didnt have morning sickness with little miss and havent had any so far.
Well i thought i would fill you in on that news.

Beth :-]

Hey Beth,

Congratulations sweetie!!!!

keep us posted on how your doing.

Take care.

Luke & ~Rhiarna~ 13.05.04 & Ryan 26.03.07

Hello, Congrats Beth on the pregnancy news. So close together but hopefully that makes them great playmates in a few years.
Ok i turned Austin around in his seat still reclined a lil. His Daddy was a bit worried about his head, if we suddenly braked or had a crash.So now i'm hoping he will be fine, He loves facing forward and looks so cute sitting up next to his brother's.
Austin's big brother will be 5 on Sunday, so exciting!!!!!!!
Macca's party next sunday...........
Hi everyone

It is nice to see how everyone's bubs are doing. Chloe is doing great to. She has two teeth which she has had for about 2 months and a couple on the top starting to poke through.

She is on solids now and has 2 to 3 full meals a day plus her milk. I am having trouble trying to get her to have water or infant juice but will keep trying.

My main problem is I seem to be depressed. The day I found out that hubby and I were expecting was hubby's birthday last year. Unfortunately my mum passed away that day and I don't feel like have grieved for her and don't know how to let myself grieve. Does anyone have any ideas? I want to sort this out before it affects my relationship with Chloe. She is a wonderful little girl and I love her very much. She is definitly not the cause of the depression.


Paula - Mum to Chloe 9/3/07

hello i am probably a little out of place here as i am
the DAD of Darcy born 05-03-07
also am a little lazy and reading 15 pages of posts is a bit daunting to catch up to speed with all the people on this thread Especially only having dial up)
but will get through them all in due course
Darcy is our third child but first boy
he has one tooth through and the second cutting the gum
he is a big boy or that is what everyone one keeps telling us
when they see him to me he doesn't look big
and he is still trying to work out crawling
he will eat almost anything and gets a chance as my two daughters try and feed him their food
yes i know that my be one of the reasons people think he is big
he has water but he needs to be like his sisters and he will only drink it out of a washed out just juice pop top bottle


Luke & ~Rhiarna~ 13.05.04 & Ryan 26.03.07

Well it's been awhile since I've contributed anything, but I've finally got something new to share.
We've started crawling..... after alot of weeks of moving backwards and rolling, Xander finally co-ordinated with arms with with legs and is now going forwards. Guess I'd better get of the couch and start moving things out of reach.

Hello, has anyone elses active bubs got any bumps on their forehead? Poor lil Austin keeps nocking his nogging. He has a bruise, and i feel so bad, but he wants to explore and climb up stuff, and keeps hurting himself. I've put pillows in spots where he could hurt himself but he always find others stuff to climb!
The lil monkey is having a sleep at the moment....
Have a good day i'm off to get ready for work.Leah
Hi Leahslilmonkey's, Chloe has bumps all over her forhead too!! I guess the March bubs are on the move and getting into mischeif now. Its so exciting.
Is everyones bubs sleeping through the night now? I still get up every night to feed chloe and am wondering if its normal....
Im still getting up at least once through the night, then he's usually awake around 5.30am..... we have the occasional night where we need to get up more than once, but it's not as often now days thankfully.
We dont have too many bumps to the head, my mother-in-law (who has 7 kids) swears by butter or margarine to stop a bruise to the head, just slap it on straight away she says.

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