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March 2007 bubs Lock Rss

Hi everyone.

Ryans top teeth have finally cut the gum so he's sleeping a little better at night and is a lot more happier during the day...thank god.
He is up on his hands and knees rocking so it won't be long now.

He loves his food but I do have a question for you all..
Ryan has 3 meals a day and water after...(sips anyway)...
Do you give your little ones snacks in between meals and if so, what sort of thing do you give them...

Thanks guys.

Luke & ~Rhiarna~ 13.05.04 & Ryan 26.03.07

HI all, Austin is doing well.He has started to stress out now when i leave the room, so he works up a good scream.Hope that passes soon.
Well we still have no teeth.Guess they will come when there ready.
Bye bye.
Hi all.
Havent been in for a while.
Victoria is going along great, we had her 8mth checkup on Wed, she is now 7.150kg she only put 650gm on in 2 months shes below in weight but the m&h nurse said its fine. Shes going to be a petite little girl, i think she takesa after her daddy, she can eat and eat and the weight goes on slowly. Her length is 68.3cm up by 3.3cm. She is still not crawling but is always arching up and swaying.
She is loving sleeping on her tummy, whenever i try to flip her back she cracks it and goes back over.
She is chattering away saying dadda, bubba and the occasional mum.
Ive got my ultrasound on Monday so hopefully he/she co operates and lets us know if Victoria will have a brother or a sister.

Hope all other mummys and bubbys are good.

[Edited on 17/11/2007]

Hi Girls

Just a quick hello and update on Isaac. He is walking around holding on to the furniture now. Im sure he will be walking by xmas!!! Is starting to say bub again and sometimes it sounds like mum. Still just the 4 teeth but i can see the next 2 bottom ones are not far off. He is learning to wave and we are teaching him ta. He is not keen on loud noises atm. He screams when the vac and blender are going. He hides his head into our shoulder. Its cute but i hope he grows out of that quickly. Sometimes he gets like that when people talk to him, he acts shy and hides his head. He certainly doesnt get that from me lol smile
We got his xmas presents a couple of weeks ago and couldnt help ourselves, we gave them to him lol. He loves his little car and lawn mower but is a bit scared of tickle me elmo. He loves to push everything around the floor, especially books. Since we have tiles he can go very quick smile. Oh yeah, we have to buy more pressies now haha.
Hope everyone is well xx

oh Fi you bad girl! just couldn't wait could you? lol
Well, Annika is still clappin waving, she does the shy thing too, makes her more adorable lol
Went to the specialist yesterday, she will have an operation on the 10th Dec to cut her tongue. Hopefully after that I will see he blow some raspberries lol
All for now, lots to do today before I head out.

1 monkey, 1 diva = the love of my life

Yeah naomi i am bad lol but we had fun giving them to him hehe.
My ex neighbours little boy had tongue tie. She said the op was very simple and he was great about the whole thing. I hope Annika is the same. Must go have a shower, try to cool down this damn heat rash i have on my chest (doesnt help that i just exercised!!).

I thought i'd put in an update DD has remembered how to say mummy and dada, is starting to crawl and can pull herself up. She will be 8 months on friday but only 6 corrected so not bad hey?
HI just a quick update on Natalie. She is cutting teeth like there's no tomorrow. I can now see about 4 teeth trying to cut. She is cutting all over the place in no order like what is on the tooth chart on the rusks box. So far she has cut 3 bottom and 4 or 5 top. She is now also walking with both hands held so it won't be long and she will be walking with just one hand held. I can't believe how fast she has gone from just watching to being in on all the action in 2 months she has gone from lying on her mat to walking the furniture and holding onto the push along and walking behind it. Well I had better go before this turns into a novel.

I hope all mums and bubs are doing well.


Got Ryan weighed for his 8 mth check...

78cms long

my 3.5yr weighed 19.5 and 103cm tall

so you could say I breed them big and healthy in my neck of the woods.


Luke & ~Rhiarna~ 13.05.04 & Ryan 26.03.07

Well Victoria has hit another mile stone, she is starting to crawl. She started on Monday and is on the go. Ive been encouraging her to do it but now its fun and games chasing after her.
I had my ultrasound on Mon, the baby is happy and healthy, we were wonting to find out the sex but the little one was shy and covering up. With what the ultrasound guy could see his educated guess was a GIRL. I wishe we knew for certain, im hoping i can have another ultrasound soon but dont think i will. :-

Beth :-]

Argh! I've been so slack I forgot about this thread!
Lily is 8 months next week!
She is commando crawling really fast, she has started to rock on all fours but gives up quickly!
She babbles away in her own language and watches us for a reply, as if she thinks we know what she says.
Brooke loves her to death, I constantly find her 'sharing' today she gave Lily a Brownie... then went absolutely hypo!
Brooke gets her nappies and won't have a bath without her.
hopefully i'll remember to keep checking in here!

Well Chloe is still only rolling over and blowing bubbles. She gets up on her arms and waves her legs but thats about it for crawling at the moment, although she loves standing up with Mummy and Daddy steadying her. She holds her own weight which is good.

Not talking yet although she is very vocal. If she thinks there is not enough noise she makes her own. A big Cold Chisel fan, she screams if the radio gets turned off whilst they are on lol.

At her last checkup about 3 weeks ago she weighed 7.59kgs. I cant wait to be able to turn her car seat around. She is now 8 and a half months old. Where has the time gone.

On a bright note, her cardiologist is so pleased with her, he doesn't want to see her until July which is a huge relief to DH and I.

Must go for now.

Paula - Mum to Chloe 9/3/07

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