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March 2007 bubs Lock Rss

I noticed that someone said that there seems to be a lot of bubs having or had surgery. I must have missed them sorry I hope they are all doing well. Can someone please update me on their progress?

I've been MIA for ages!
It's been nice reading to see what all the other March babies have been doing!

L is now 9.5mths. Definitely trying to catch up to his big sister, he is not walking, more like running around after his sister and has been since he was 8.5mths, he feeds himself (hands) absolutely refuses to eat off a spoon, and his fav toy is the FP Animal train.
We thought he was superlaid back, turns out he is, but just as determined and stubborn as DD, so it's very deceptive! *lol*
He has 6 teeth (4 top, 2 bottom), sleeps through and will be a big brother in Sept!
I can't believe it's nearly March, has it really been a year already!??!

Mummy to Ava- 26mths, Leo- 14mths & #3- Due Sept

Hi all,

My DS will be 10mths in 10 days time, WOW its gone fast. He is 9.5kg with 8 teeth and a very healthy appetite. He has taken a few steps but is quite happy either standing checking everything out or doing his 'spiderman' crawl - on hands and feet no knees. I was having a few problems getting him onto the bottle for his day feeds - only because I have to go back to work - but have sorted all that out now.

I have a problem, my DS is about to start at day care and he thinks biting is great fun!!! I don't want him to go there and bite the other babes. What can I do to stop him???? We've tried making a loud noise when he bites us but he thinks its funny and bites even harder. Any ideas??


Cassy n Matty

Annika's operation went well. No complications, The Dr did say it was severe and was glad he cut it.
It took her a while to get used to it, for my B'day she poked it out big time!! lol She did do a few little pokes, but on the 7th of Jan it was barely in her mouth lol.
She is crawling big time, DH says like a 3 legged dog lol, on her hands, one leg with the other leg tucked in and bum shuffles. Neither of my kids are conventional crawlers, Dominik crawled on hands and feet.
She has started cruising furniture now too eek!! She loves to pull herself up standing, especially in the cot!!
She has become a terrible sleeper, waking often, just wanting cuddles.
Eating is much better now, not as good as Dominik, I am lucky to get half a jar of home made vegies in her, but she loves apple (no more choking) and spaghetti, she loves it!!
She is over 10months old now, that time has just flown, my baby will be one this year!! Scarey thought that is.
Next Saturday we are flying out. We are off to Germany with a stop over in Pattaya Thailand for 3 days.
We will be visiting the in-laws, now wont that be fun, yeah right lol2 and a half weeks with the in-laws day and night. We will go to Austria for a week skiing, so the kids are kitted out. It's snowing where my inlaws are. Hope the kids enjoy it.
I have Annika booked in with the MCHN a day before we fly out, so I wont find out until then what she weighs etc. I think around 8.5-9kg. Not that big really, she is still in 00 clothes (0 for all-in-one rompers).
Okies all for now, glad to see everyone is doing well. Chat again before we fly out.
Take care

1 monkey, 1 diva = the love of my life

Hi All,
Hey Naomi it is great to hear that Annika is doing better, there will be no stopping her now. Had to laugh at your description of her crawling.

Tegan started daycare last Tuesday, the next day when DH dropped her off she screamed at being left alone. It took the other two agges to work out they were being left there. She went well yesterday thankgoodness. My little girl is all grown up, its scary to think how fast. She is getting her fifth tooth with #6 not far away. She has the biggest gap between her top two, mum keeps saying that it is a sign of wealth so I better be nice to this one, just kidding.

We went to the south coast on the weekend so Tegan got her first taste of real sand and trust me she loved it. Wasn't too keen on the water, but then again it was cold.

To answer your question Nikki, DS started doing this when he was almost one, when he went to bite we would put him down and walk away from him. He soon got the idea that he wasn't getting the attention and stopped.All bubs do it at some time, has he been having problems with teething or maybe he has just discovered that he can bite. Goodluck, he'll grow out of it.

Hope all bubs are doing well.

My busy house

OMG Chloe is walking, she can take 10 steps in a row, falls on her bum then stands back up on her own and takes another few steps. Aaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwww i now have a toddler and not a baby. Oh well better have another one lol.
oh wow how exciting for you!!!
Annika is pulling herself up and standing for a few seconds, I am not ready for her to walk yet lol Dominik walked at 10.5mths though.
Almost ready for our trip away, we wont be back until endish of Feb, so I'm sure lots will have happened.

1 monkey, 1 diva = the love of my life

Posted by: naomi77
Annika is pulling herself up and standing for a few seconds, I am not ready for her to walk yet lol Dominik walked at 10.5mths though.

I'm the same with my little guy, he's walking all around the room from lounge to coffee table to TV and back but I am happy with this... My eldest (3.yrs) walked at 10mths and your whole world changes yet again.

First time around I think you can't wait for them to crawl then walk but 2nd time around it's like "Slow down there possum, take your time"

By the way Naomi, have a good trip away....

Luke & ~Rhiarna~ 13.05.04 & Ryan 26.03.07

Hi All

Sorry I havent kept up with the post, I keep forgetting and when I do try to sit down my 4yo wants to send messages to everyone!
It was great to see everyones bubs are doing well!
Cameron is nearly 11 months now, he is the fastest crawler, and is standing on his own but only walking when you hold his hands... He has 2 top teeth and 2 bottom teeth, and geez does he suffer when one is coming through!
Amber is his second mum, telling him off everytime he puts things in his mouth (which is OFTEN!) She goes into his room in the mornings and plays with him through the cot bars and we listen to them chatting and laughing on the monitor - very cute smile
Anyway, sorry about the novel - guess like everyone we could talk about our kids forever!!

Jen, WA ( Amber 03/09/03, Cameron 27/02/07)

Thought I'd post to keep this post from disappearing onto the 2nd page...

Ryan turned 10mths on Australia day and is growing up way too quick.. He still has 4top/4bottom teeth but I think the next lot are ready to come through, he's grinding those little teeth too which is absolutely annoying. I say, "Stop grinding your teeth little man" and he cracks up laughing and does it more.
He's sleeping has gone a bit out too, waking up and wanting to chew on anything and everything....

He is walking about the room and now decides to let go and try and walk, but did that yesterday and landed face first on the wooden floor boards.... Bloody mouth and all...

Then fell onto his cart and broke the skin on his eyelid and has a little black eye and puffy eyelid. Ah the joys of learning to walk.

Well, better be off, it's pouring and my boys (DH included) are whinging for bacon and eggs for lunch.

Luke & ~Rhiarna~ 13.05.04 & Ryan 26.03.07

hi all

Ds2 was 10 months old on the 31st January. He just learnt to pull himself up on the lounge & stand there for about 30 secs today. He has been trying to for the past couple of weeks now has finally got there.

He is sooo cheecky he has this little grin that he does when he is about to do something. As soon as we open Ds1 bedroom door he does a little squeal then bolts straight for the door before you shut it again. Ds1 hates him going into his room.

He has 4 teeth on top & 5 down the bottom & he is forever biting me ouch. He loves to change the chanels on the tv. Our tv is pretty low to the ground so he loves to get real close to it. He has done so much in the last month. I was starting to think he was lazy but now he is doing so much.

Well thats all for now. Hope you & your babies are all well.

My 3 beautiful boys DS1-05, DS2-.07 & DS3-09

Hey guys, my DD is now 10 months almost 10.5 months and she is doing great. She finally has half a tooth, never shuts up, stands alone for 10 seconds and has taken a couple of unassisted steps. I am busy re baby proofing for a toddler rather than a baby and I can't wait for her to walk.
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