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March 2007 bubs Lock Rss

Hey guys it's been ages since I've logged on, its great to read about how all our little ones are going. Xander has a couple of friends younger than he is so it's hard to compare.
I can now say that he's normal, 2 teeth on bottom and 3 on top. Crawling absolutely flat out, and taking 3-4 steps unaided at a time. Loves to walk assisted though. Finally sleeping through, just a matter of teach me not to get up to him smile

well it has been a month since i was on here. boy time has flown. natalie started walking just after my last post and walks everywhere now. I can't believe I am starting to organise her first birthday party already. we are just having the great-grandparents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, mum, dad, and sister there for her birthday. Well I had better go I have two very tired girls crying. Will report more later.

Hope you are all doing well.

We decided to just do the family thing for DD's first birthday too. Aunties, Uncles, Nans, Pops and God Parents only. I didn't want to overwhelm DD on her own birthday!!
Im looking forward to it, its only a few weeks away now.
Of course we have 1st birthday coming up as well, but since he's got a couple of friends very close in age, I think we'll make it family and friends. Undecided whether to have it on the Friday night or Saturday..... maybe a BBQ for us on Friday night, we need some wind down time as well.

Changed my ticker cause DH and I are TTC and can't wait to have another gorgeous baby in our lives. Send some baby dust my way please.

Im not from your old forum, but my bub was born on March 23 2007. He is exactly 11 months old today!

So, what is this forum up to?

by the way... bubba has four teeth on top, three teeth on the bottom and I think that he may be coming up with more. He is the cheekiest bubba ever! He has joined his first two words together this week (nanna, give!)
he has soooo much energy i cant keep up!
[Edited on 23/02/2008]

Hi everyone

Well its been a while since I last posted. Chloe is now crawling everywhere and is pulling herself up on things. She does walk when holding Mummy or Daddy's hands but not by herself yet.

She eats everything in sight (except for Potato or Pear) and has lots of teeth. She has 4 in front on bottom, 4 on top, one molar on the bottom right and about 5 other molars cutting. All things considered she is coping quite well.

She had her checkups at PMH the other day. Her heart is doing well and still looks like she will NOT need another operation (what a relief), and she is developing quite well.

We are having her first birthday party next weekend although she doesn't actually turn one until 9th. Two weeks after her birthday we fly out to UK for a holiday so that should be great fun.

Anyway my novel is long enough. Hope all your bubs are doing as well as my Chloe.


Paula - Mum to Chloe 9/3/07

Hey girls.
I havnt posted for ages.
I cant believe my little princess will be 1 in 3 weeks. My the time has flown.
Little miss Victoria has 6 teeth at the moment, she hasnt had any real issues with them coming through.
She is standing up by herself. she has taken some very small steps but nothing spectacular.
She is walking along holding on to anything and everything.
She loves her music and bops away to anything, it is so cute.
Her crawling has changed and my mum says she crawls like a baby gorilla!!! on her hands and feet not using her knees. ADorable!!!!
Cant wait for her 1st birthday.Mummy is getting very excited.
She will have a belated birthday pressie as her little brother or sister is due in 6 weeks!!!
Ciao for now

WOW, I cant' believe our babies are nearly 1. Ryan turned 11 mths on Tuesday 26th.

He took his first steps 2 Saturdays ago and is now fullon walking everywhere. We just got back from a 2 week QLD holiday and I didn't have a walker so he soon learnt how to do it himself.

He still has 8 teeth no change there.
He has learnt how to drink out of a straw and won't use a sippy cup now unless it's a spill one, easier to suck the water out.
He says Mumma, ta and that's about it, DH is pissed that he can't say dadda....are well cant' have everything.
Ryan is a good happy baby and sleeps well (didn't but has started to again).

I look forward to hearing about bubs birthdays looming.

take care and i hope this post finds our little kidlets well.

Luke & ~Rhiarna~ 13.05.04 & Ryan 26.03.07

HI everyone

Well our little Natalie is doing really well. She walks/runs everywhere now. She is always wanting to do what big sister is doing, Including climbing up onto the highchair. The other day I took the girls to the park and I just left Natalie in the pram to watch Helen on the slide. There were some bigger kids 5 or 6 yr olds playing and I thought they might be a bit to rough for Natalie and she kicked up a real stink until I took her on the slide. She can't see that they are so much bigger than she is and wants to do all the big kid stuff. Well we have only 2 weeks left of our baby and then she turns 1. I think I am trying to keep her a baby but its not working. Well I had better go.

All the best with the birthday planning.


In 2 days.................
my baby will be 1!!!! OMG I am not ready, I just want to hold on a little longer lol.
Tomorrow we are having her 1st b'day party, at a local park/wildlife reserve.
A few friends, family and all their kids. I did what I did with Dominik, BYO bbq/picnic.
I made her cake (I ordered Dominik's, so this is a 1st lol) i made a big beautiful butterfly. I also made cupcakes, and chocolate crackles (not the copha one yuk)
Weather has been iffy, so if it rains tonight or looks yuk tomorrow then we move it here eek!!
Well, Europe was great, kids loved the snow. Annika became more clingy, and I guess I smother/ allow it more with her cause she is my little one lol.
The kids took to flying really well, they slept a lot which was great lol. Annika didn't like going through tunnels, screamed or cried. Sadly there are a lot of tunnels in Europe!!
2 days ago Annika sprouted 2 more teeth (on the same day!!) her top 12mth molars. That makes 10 all up!! They didn't come through the gum line, so I didn't see them straight away, they are more sprouting out of the gums at the side. I had a feeling for the past month or so they were coming, just because of the bad sleeping and dribbling lol, no other signs!
Annika has taken to biting of late. Never had a biter, I am trying to nip it in the bud (pardon the pun lol). More for Dominik's sake than Annika's I resorted to putting her on the "naughty chair" when she last bit Dominik (he is usually her victim lol). Well, she was not impressed to say the least!
Little madam has a temper and a strong will. I am certain she is an old soul. the things she does astound DH and I at times.
No walking yet (I certainly do not mind) tonight she stood un assisted for the longest time, so I don't think it is far off. She likes to hold your hands and walk though.
Back to the biting, I am certain that it comes from a combination of things, he inability to communicate, the rough housing that goes on between her and Dominik, that often goes to far, or the arguments (who knew!!) and most of all the teething. Lets hope it settles down now that the teeth have cut.
On Monday, Annika's actual birthday we have nothing much planned, lol I am sure the kids will be getting over their big day tomorrow.
We will go to swimming lessons, as we always do.
I will also be looking after my besties little boy, 20mths old and has no boundaries. Which can be exhausting to say the least!! He is into absolutely everything, nothing is safe, phones, draws, etc he is constantly into something. My kids were/are never like that, even Annika knows not to touch the remote, fly spray, power point, phone etc. Ah well, oh and she has begged me to teach him not to stand on tables!! OMG, no he will NOT be standing on my tables AT ALL lol
Okies I believe that if you have read thus far your eyes must be watering lol. I have not proof read, cause ummm no way, too long lol.
Take it easy, the birthdays begin. Enjoy, take photos, create memories and laugh lots. I know I will shed a tear or 2 remembering my "special moment".
This time tomorrow last year I was in labour......

1 monkey, 1 diva = the love of my life

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