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March 2007 bubs Lock Rss


May your day be full of lots of fun..

Glad to see you back on board, how was your trip away?


Luke & ~Rhiarna~ 13.05.04 & Ryan 26.03.07

Thanks Joey!!
happy birthday Annika
trip went well, kids had a great time.
We would have loved to stay longer, just not with the in laws lol
[Edited on 03/03/2008]
[Edited on 03/03/2008]

1 monkey, 1 diva = the love of my life


Nicholas still isnt walking yet just pulling himself up but thats ok get to keep my baby a little longer. He has 13 teeth 3 of which have popped up in the last week & there is still at least another 1 trying to get through ouch. baba is still his fav word & he just loves chasing his brother.

Anyway got to go chat soon

My 3 beautiful boys DS1-05, DS2-.07 & DS3-09

Hi all

Well we had Chloe's first birthday party on Saturday. It was a great day enjoyed by those that actually turned up. We live almost 3 hours from Perth so we suddenly got a LOT of texts saying it is too far we are not coming. Why RSVP yes if you think its too far. We ended up with over $400 of food for about 12 people.

For those that did turn up it was great. Chloe danced until 6pm when she wanted bed. Daddy and Mummy partied on though. I think I got to bed at midnight and Daddy at 2am.

Chloe doesn't actually turn 1 until Sunday (9th) but Daddy works in the mines so we had the party on his week off.

Chloe is almost walking now. She is climbing onto everything and even gave the stairs a go yesterday. She almost got to the top before she tired out. We only have 4 stairs in our house and have been told by her doctors to let her go up and down them.

Anyway this novel is long enough. I Probably wont be on again until we get back from England. We leave in 2 and a half weeks and we are all so excited. Hubby hasn't seen his family in 18 years.

Hope all your parties go well and your guests actually turn up.


Paula - Mum to Chloe 9/3/07

Hi everyone.

It is hard to believe we have one year olds already. This time last year I was in Hospital thinking I was going to have Natalie by the afternoon but the labour stopped and they sent me home.

Paula Sorry to hear so many of your guests pulled out. I guess you will be eating party food for a month.

Well best be going.


Just wanted to say:

WOW what a year!! I can't believe all the milestones that were achieved and all the changes that we have gone through. It has been the hardest yet the most amazing and rewarding year of my life. I have felt love i never thought i could be capable of feeling and i have been brought to tears at a simple smile or kiss from my daughter which i never thought possible. I seem to have become a very emotional person!
I just can't believe that 1 year ago i was holding a brand new baby, not knowing what to expect and honestly being a little afraid of what the future held. Now i am looking forward to the future with open arms and can't wait to see what surprises my DD has in store.

HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY missy moo moo!!!!

13/03/07 at 1.50am


I have felt love i never thought i could be capable of feeling and i have been brought to tears at a simple smile or kiss from my daughter which i never thought possible

I felt the exact way with both my boys. My boys are so different in many ways and yet my love for them is so strong and its amazing how a baby/child brings so much joy into ones life.

Luke & ~Rhiarna~ 13.05.04 & Ryan 26.03.07

Thankyou JP409C! We had lovely day and are looking forward to Chloes birthday party on Sunday!
I can't wait to do it all again with another new bubby, like you said they are all different and each day they amaze you with something new they have learnt etc It just amazes me, they are amazing there is no other word for it!
I cant believe my little princess Victoria is 1 today!!!!!!
The year has flown by.
I love her to bits and she is the biggest sparkle in mummys eye.
SHe makes motherhood easy as she is such a great little girl.
Shes now starting to walk, we thought she would by her birthday,,
Party time 2moro and lots and lots of pressies..
Happy 1st Birthday my darling little girl, Mummy and Daddy love you to bits. U will get a baby brother or sister very soon.

Hello, everyonexxx
BIrthday wishes to all the March babiesxxx

And a special HAppy Birthday to my lil man who turns 1yr old todayxxx
Love you Mum,Dad, 2 brothers, & 2 step sistersxxxxx
My little girl is one today!!!!! Happy birthday to all of the other March bubs
Just wanted to share.
Annika walked today, not one or 2 steps, a whole totter lol, about half a dozen.
Tonight she did it again, so I grabbed the video camera and asked her to walk to me, she performed on cue lol
She looks so cute, I love that baby walk/waddle lol

1 monkey, 1 diva = the love of my life

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