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March 2007 bubs Lock Rss

I have changed my username is was hotfoxy
Well Ella is now 1 years old.
Happy birthday to all of the other March bubs .

Sorry will brbl with more lol.


Hi Ladies

I havnt posted on here for a few months so I thought it was time for a quick update!! Isaac was 1 on the 14th of March and started walking when he was 11 and a half months. He is starting to copy lots of words, though not full words yet. he does say ta, mum, dad, sshh for shoes and ck for block. Oh and juice. He has lots of different foods and is getting his back teeth, which he gets lots of colds from. We got him a trike for his birthday and is very proud when we push him on it. He steers very well smile
I hope all the mums and bubs on here are doing well and happy birthday to all those that turned 1 recently.
Take care all
Fi xx

Hi everyone,

Wow it is so great to hear how well everyone is.

Well we gotback from our UK holiday on Saturday and Chloe absolutely loved it. She was spoilt rotten by all the family. We even had to buy a new suitcase to get all her new toys and clothes home.

She is almost walking now. She walks whilst holding onto my hands butnot quite there by herself yet. SHe has about 14 teeth and only 13 months and 8 days old lol. Her latest fave food is sultanas lol.

Take care.

Paula - Mum to Chloe 9/3/07

well it has been ages since i was on here. so here is a quick update. natalie is 13 months now and climbs on everything. I was a little worried about her not talking much but now she is able to get me to understand what she is trying to say most of the time iykwim. for dog she does this funny little bark/grunt, it is so cute. we have been teaching her baby sign and she is starting to use it all the time now. if she signs "milk" and i ask her 'do you want milk?' and she does she gives me this little giggle to say yes. she doesn't communicate like most but at least i know what she is trying to tell me most of the time now. well i had better go. i hope everyone is doing well.

Hello, march mummies. Should we be moving to the toddler section soon? Austin isn't a baby anymore, its so sad...
He has grown so much....Walking,climbing, jumping on the lounge...Aah, running aftee his brother's...
Austin is now: 10.7kg
: 77.3cm
: 47cm

HIs of to physio in a few weeks to get his bow legs checked, as from his knee to ankle (tibia) is curved..The Dr said he will be fine, want need braces but get him checked anyway...
So hope he want.....
Well best go, its breaky time......
Bye for now....Leah....
I think we can stay here because it is easier to find and all our bubs were born in march 07 as the subject says. If anyone does decide to start up a new thread somewhere else please let me know I would love to join in.

How big are all the bubs now? Natalie is 8.5kg and 71cm. Well since I posted just the other day there isn't to much more to add. Will check in again soon.


Good morning, Xander is now 14 months, 12kg and 80cm. He's been walking since he was 10 months but only has 8 teeth. His back ones are starting to come through as I can feel the lumps happening, poor thing he gets such a sore bottom from new teeth.
He still has a big morning nap 2-3 hours and maybe 1/2 hour in the afternoon. He's in bed now, so the house is actually clean and I can sit down and relax as he's so full on all the time.

WOW!! I can't believe that it is almost a month ago already since I was on here. Time goes by soooo fast now. It must be the same for everyone because I can't believe only Tassie Mum has been on here.

Well for a quick update on Natalie. She is slowly putting on weight she is now almost 9kg. Her speech is starting to come along now with her new word for today being "baby" other words she can say are "mum, dad, doggy, birdy, no, hello" there may be a few others I have missed I just can't think of them right now.

Well I have to go Natalie has just woken up. I will update more another time.

Hi everyone

Well Chloe is now walking whilst holding on to things although she really doesn't want to let go. I wish she would hurry up and walk because my back is so bad at the moment, it is hard to carry her.

She is now 14 months old and has started waking up in the middle of the night again to have a bottle. Does anyone have any suggestions to get her back sleeping though the night? Hubby gets up to her when he is home but working away it is just me for two weeks out of three and I work full time. Getting up in the middle of the night is just killing me.

Apart from all that, we are a very happy little family and we are currently discussing when we are going to have an addition. Chloe seems to love the idea of a little brother or sister. Her face lights up when we ask her.

Must go for now. Madam has woken up and its time to get ready for work.

Paula smile

Paula - Mum to Chloe 9/3/07

Hi March mums!!!

Sorry its been ages since I last spoke to u guys we just got the net back on..
wELL Liam's doing great he's got 7 teeth, still not walking though!!! Oh well in his own time..

Being cheeky as ever too.. LOL

He stands on his own then realises he is then falls down, and he walks around on his knees.. Its really cute to watch..

Oh well better go,

Hope to chat soon to u guys,

Danielle and Liam xoxo

OMG Danni and Fi are back woohoo!!

Annika is 14 mths with 12 teeth and dribbling like crazy lol
If I thought Dominik was stubborn I have learnt a big lesson, Annika and Dominik can play beautifully together it's so sweet. then they can fight, with him yelling and hitting and her screaming and occassionally biting!!
She is a princess though, a real girly girl too, loves shoes bags and hats lol.
Her sleeping has degressed, to the point we can be awake 5-6 times a night. I have permanent bags under my eyes lol
Still not a great eater, she is little, around 9.5kg? She still fits in 00 clothes.
Golden blonde hair with curls at the back.
okies best go before I ramble wayyyyy to much lol.
Take care and chat again soon


1 monkey, 1 diva = the love of my life

hi everyone

I will keep this short as I have Natalie on my knee. She is doing really well and Helen just loves her so much. They do everything together, best of friends. Natalie now has 16 teeth.
well best go. Hope all are well. Joyleen

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