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March 2007 bubs Lock Rss

Hi everyone,
Enjoyed my first mothers day! Got sent back to bed for a sleep in, which was lovely, and was given a voucher for a facial and a massage - can't wait to use that!
Had Tannah's 8 week check today, she's 5.24 kg and 57.5cm long. She was sleeping through the night for a couple of weeks, but the last few nights has woken up for a feed around 4am, which was a big shock for me - i'd got used to sleeping through the night again. Hopefully she'll sleep right through over the next few nights, we move house on Wednesday and that is stressful enough without doing it sleep deprived. Getting heaps of big grins now, which makes it all worthwhile.

Hi Girls

Hope you all had a special mothers day. Mine was nice. I even got a phone call from Reece this year which was great coz he usually forgets! This will b quick coz Isaac just woke up.
Liz lucky you to have a bub thats sleeps through. Isaac still wakes up between 12am & 2am, then between 4am & 6am. The longest he slept was 8pm to 3am. Im used to it now but we are looking forward to the day he sleeps through!!
Is anyones bubs starting to copy them? Yesterday I was gooing at Isaac and sticking my tongue out and he was trying to stick his out. It was so adorable. Btw he has gone back to sleep which doesnt happen very often.
He has grown out of lots of clothes. Some wernt even worn. He is in 00 now. Growing too quick!!
Hugs to all chat again soon xx

hi everyone.

I will make this real quick because Natalie has just woken up and Helen is getting tired and cranky. She is being a bit of a handful today. I think she might be reacting to some food colourings I have been trying her with.

Anyway must go now will chat again soon.


Hi Girls,
Just got both kids down to sleep, so I thought I'd pop in for an update.
Annika is thriving although last night she had diahrea, up every couple of hours and sneezing. I woke like a zombie today, she hasn't been like that at night since she was 2 days old!
I had her weighed today at the chemist, fully clothed with a wet nappy lol she weighed 6kg 13lb 2oz. So I guess she'd be about 5.7-5.8kg? She is 10.5 weeks old now, so that isn't too bad.
She grgles and coos so much, her eyes love to follow her brother, who by the way is still killing her with love lol.
We are off to Surfers Paradise on the weekend for a week, really looking forward to the time away with my family.
Fi, oh my gosh 00 clothes, he is thriving!
Annika is still in 0000 top and pants but 000 rompers.
OMG I just looked at Dominik's weight at the same age and he was 7.11kg!!! A big difference, for me anyways lol
Hope you all have a lovely week, and I'll catch up soon.
Fi, the photos are cute, yes you must get more with yourself in them, that's my prob too I usually am the one taking th pics.

1 monkey, 1 diva = the love of my life

Hi All

Isaac found his fists yesterday and has been putting them in his mouth non stop ever since. Its so cute. Sorry to hear Annika is not well Naomi. Hope she is better today. Isaac hasnt been that flash today either. Very sleepy and not really interested in his bottle. Im keeping an eye on him.
Naomi thats amazing that Annika is still in 0000. She is bigger than Isaac, how does that work? Might be the different styles of clothes or that she is a girl. Isaac is still in 000 in little boy clothes but 00 in rompers.
I also compared Isaacs weight with Reeces and at 8 weeks 5 days Reece was 4110g (9lb 1oz) and Isaac was 5.3kg. Big difference!!Also compared it with DHs and him and Isaac were the same weight and length!!
Half your luck Naomi, wish i was going to qld. Have a great time ya lucky bugger. My next holiday will be the lopng drive to Katherine lol.
Must go, isaac is on my knee getting sleepy. Chat soon xx

Hi March Mummies

I just had to pop in and let everyone know that Brandon slept through the night last night. He went to sleep at 8pm and woke at 6.30 this morning. Man my boobs were ready to pop though.


Jake, Jemma & baby Brandon

Hi All,

I have just discovered the Huggies website and so this is my first post! I had my baby girl Sienna at Calvary Hospital, North Adelaide on 6th of March. She was 3.29kg (7lbs 4oz) and was 50 cm long. I am 29 years old and she is mine & my husbands first baby.

I have just returned to work 1 day a week and spend the rest of my time with my gorgeous girl who has learnt how to smile and spends lots of time doing it!!

I am so glad to have found some mums with babies the same age as mine - most of my friends dont have children and the few who do seem quite competitive about everything. Nice to hear what is going on with everyone else (I hear you on the boobs being ready to pop Kylie!!)


Sienna - 1st baby 6-3-07

hi everyone.

just another quick one for me, my girls are waking up and need me. I will try to get some more time on here soon.

I hope you are all doing well. I noticed someone else has started a march 2007 thread.

Must go.

Hey all,

How did everyones bubs go at there 2month old needles??
DD goes for hers on Friday and my 18 month old DD gets done at the same time.......Im a big pussy when it comes to my babies getting needle so, my husband will hold them and I will comfort them.......
Im hoping bubs has put on decent amount of wait....she is averaging 180grams per week weight gain......
Chat to you soon

Sarah, QLD- 3 ADorAbLe Daughters!!

Hi March Mums - Siennas 2 month needles went ok (she was a bit upset!). She also had the rotavirus oral vaccine which has been introduced and is free for babies born after 1 May. She had that a few days after her needles and it caused diorrhea for the rest of the day. The poor thing was miserable but her paediatrician assured me it's worthwhile (the benefit outweighs the side effects and all that). Did anyone elses baby have it?

I bought a hug a bub sling a couple of days ago and so far it has been great. Sienna loves being held close against my chest and it is really comfy for her. I went shopping and had her in it for nearly 3 hours - she slept most of the time & didn't grizzle at all. She also did her 1st 8 hour sleep on Friday night so she's definately in my good books at the moment!!

Bye for now,


Sienna - 1st baby 6-3-07

Hi Everyone,
Im new to the forum and thought I'd start off here.
I have 3 boys, Corey 6, Reece 4 and bubby Luke 9wks today.
The boys are just fantastic with Luke. They play up for me but they are always helping when it comes to him.

Hope to chat soon
Hi Girls

Welcome to the newbies. Kirsty I have a son Reece also, although a tad older than yours!!
Sarah Isaac was good for his needle, just a little cry. I made his dad hold him 2 coz im a wuss as well. I cant believe Isaac is 10 weeks this week!! Has gone super fast. He laughed for the first time yesterday it was so adorable. He was still half asleep when he did it, v funny.
Peta Isaac is now sleeping for around 8 hours too. He goes to bed around 7-7.30 and sleeps till 3 or 4 then wakes about 7.30. Im over the moon!!

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