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March 2007 bubs Lock Rss

Hi everyone

Natalie was upset before she even got her needles but got even more upset with the needle going in. I almost cried to. She has not been real happy ever since. It really has upset her whole feeding/sleeping routine. She was sleeping between most feeds up until she had her needles but now she stays awake and is really grizzly of a night. I am starting to think maybe I should have left it a little longer before getting her needles.

Well I had better go and get dinner sorted. I hope everyone is doing well.


Hi I just received a PM to join the other thread to here so I will see if I can do that now. This is what Gabbi posted in the other thread:

Hiya to all,
I have just been reading thru the forums, what you guys have setup is truly excellent - well done. I too am a March Mummy for the 2nd time round. Rebekah was born 7th March (10 weeks old) she was two weeks over due. I have a son who is now 8yrs and he was born on the 6th March. So March is special in this household. I also have a 6yr old Ashleigh.

So being a 3rd time mother I am a little out of touch with the baby talk, and reading that your babies are smiling, getting needles, growing out of 0000 and their sleep patterns are all over the place, I feel right at home!!

I have a question: Has anyone got a giggle yet out of their bub's!! Rebekah giggled for the 1st time with me on Wednesday nite... I melted!

I look forward to reading your comments!
Gabbi, Brisbane, Rebekah 07/03/07

This is what Donna posted:

my son was born on the 5 march 07. he was a day early. he is my second child my first is 4 and she was born in sept.
my son has nearly giggled but not yet. i can't wait until he does but he nearly rolled over yesterday. very cute.
how are you coping with the new bubs?
is she a good sleeper?
Where abouts do you live?
talk soon Donna

And this was Gabbi's reply in the other thread:

Howdy Donna,
Nice to hear from you, I am still trying to work out how to use the forum. It might take me a little while! So you had a little boy, what's his name and how much did he weight. Rebekah was nearly 4kg. She was 10 days overdue!!
I think she has lost her giggle at the moment, she has a cold as the weather has gotten cooler here in Brisbane.
It sure is hard work especially when you have older ones demanding your time. How is your little 4 yr old going, has it affected her much? I can't complain about her sleep, I get an average of 5 hours, how about you?
Look forward to hearing from you, I have to get dinner organised!!

Hi, I am a first time mum who's little girl arrived on the 9th March. I am enjoying my girl especially as she was in hospital for the first two weeks due to needing heart surgery the day she was born.

Paula - Mum to Chloe 9/3/07

Hi to all the March Mummies, It seems like there are a few of us with bubs born on the 19th of March. Melissa I have noticed that over the last couple of days Tegan has been waking more frequently during the day and now an extra feed at night. I know I have plenty of milk as I have been expressing afterwards to keep my supply up. I am just hoping that this phase will past and I go back to getting more than a few hours sleep at a time. I had Tegan's needles done last week and thankgoodness she had no reaction, she barely even cried. Anyway it is nice to read other mum's stories from babies the same age, thanks guys.

My busy house

Hi March Mummies

Well my lil honey is almost rolling over!! I put him down on the rug and within just mins he is all over the place!! He also does this in his cot. When he wakes sometimes i go in to find him upside down. He is a real wriggle pot smile He is in a routine at night now. Has a bath at 5.30 then a bit of play till grumpy, bottle then bed. He wakes around 3am and then at 7.30am so i am happy with that. During the day he is a catnapper still.
Thats about it
Chat soon xx

[Edited on 02/11/2008]
Hey all,

Well, my DD got her 2month needles today- and being a glutton for punishment I also got my 18month old DD done aswell. That was an experience! My older DD got done first she started screaming before the needle went in then, beacause she was crying my little one started-I dont think they stopped for about half an hour. This is sooo extremely upsetting for a mother-thats why my husband came along!
Emerson (8wk old) is now 60cm long, HC-39cm and weighs 4.8kgs. I happy with her progress.She is still so small (7pds 9oz born) though.
Well, I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying there little angels!!!
Chat to you soon

Sarah, QLD- 3 ADorAbLe Daughters!!

hi, Amelia Grace was born on the 4th of March 2007. weighing 8lbs 10oz and 50cm.
hi everyone

I thought I would quickly check out what everyone has been upto lately while I get Natalie back off to sleep after a wind bubble woke her up.

She has gone back off to sleep now so I think I might go to bed too while she is sleeping.

Hope everyone is well and welcome to the new comers.


Hey March Mummies

Hope everyone is doing well. Naomi hope you are having or had a great holiday with your family. And guess what? I too am heading to the gold coast in july!! DH gets his posting to Tindal end of june and we will be leaving a couple of weeks after that. We plan to head up the coast, spend a few days on the coast with DS then travel across and up to Katherine. Im getting really excited.

Guess what else?? Our little honey learnt how to hit at his toy mobile yesterday. It was just gorgeous. We got some footage of it. He hits them really hard and squeals with delight. Oh so cute.
Anyway just wanted to share my news.
Chat soon xx

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