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March 2007 bubs Lock Rss

Hi all. Just recently discovered this thread. How cool is it to see all these March mums & bubs!
I had my first DS on 18 March. He weighed in at 3.4kg or 7lbs4ozs in the old terms. He is now 10wks old and weighs bout 5.5kg. He is a gorgeous baby (except for at the mo, he's crying, but I know he's ok, cause I've checked every box!) and sleeps well through the night.
I also noticed there's another Naomi. Wonderful name, that is! lol.
Michael started smiling around 3-4wks, and he has been such a smiley baby since, smiling at anyone and everyone. He's just starting to roll over (i think more by accident than effort!) so I've been madly trying to catch it on video, but he is more concerned about the camera than trying to do his trick! lol! Babies are sooo gorgeous!

Hope you're all doing well and enjoying your bubs!
Naomi (or Nomez if it's too confusing!)
Hi everyone! Lil Austin had his checkup 2day he is doing well he now weighs 6.9kg bare weight.
He loves tummy time and trys to hold himself up, and wriggle.
Such a cutiexxx
Hi guys, we're back!!
We had an absolutely fabulous time in QLD. Relaxing, goingto the beach, swimming, even Annika enjoyed the heated indoor pool! Sad to come home even DH wanted to stay another week.
Glad you get a little holiday too Fi! How exciting!
Someone mentioned earlier about the rota virus immunisation, Annika had it cost me $111 too. I wasn't told beforehand that it was free to children born after May 1st grrrr. Oh well done now.
Annika is developing great guns, at 10 weeks old she rolled onto her side, I thought it was a fluke, but whilst we were away she did it a few more times. Clever little duck she is!
One of her sources of entertainment is the ceiling fan, she just loves to watch it go around and around. Her brother was the same lol I used to hang ribbons off it for him.
When I feed Annika she now cups my boobwith her hand, very cute to see.
Last night was her first night in the cot, in her own room. I thought it was time because of the rolling. I was afraid that she would roll in the cradle and knock the stabilty wedge out and tip the cradle and fall out. She was in bed and asleep by 7.30pm and woke at 4am for a feed.
Sorry for the novel girls.
We are off for a pixi photo this coming Saturday, a family shot cxant wait! I have no idea which cute clothes to put onthe kids, or myself for that matter. Better get Nik's haircut and my eyebrows waxed though lol.
I hope everyone is well????
Take care and chat again soon.


1 monkey, 1 diva = the love of my life

Welcome back Naomi good to hear you had a great time. Did ya get a tan?? Hey we finally got some fam photos done, got the neighbour to come over so ill send you 1 soon.
Not much happening here. Isaacs nan is coming for a visit next week so that will be nice. She is hanging to see him again. She will be shocked to see how big he is now!!! Will get him weighed again while she is here.
Seeya xx

Hi everyone,

Tannah is now 10 weeks old, she had her 2 month immunisation needles last week, i made hubby hold her while they gave them to her, I couldn't watch. Had a bad night with her that night, she didn't want to let me go. Then she got a cold as well, it's horrible seeing a little baby feeling so bad.

We're all settled in our new house, we all love it! Wasn't sure how Tannah would go, sleeping in her own room but she hasn't had any problems, I think she probably sleeps better now she doesn't hear her dad snoring!

Better go, have to work out how to transfer photo's onto this USB thingy to send to my dad and stepmum - she sent instructions but they don't make sense!

Hi girls.
My little girl Ella Maree is now 2 mnoths old.
Time of birth: 02:34am
Birth weight: 2.720. (6lb).
Length 48cm.
H.C 34cm.

She is a very good baby she has her last feed for the night
at 6:30 then we dont her from her untill 7am some times 8:00am grin.

hope to chat to u girls more soon grin
Love liz-n

Liz(♥mumof5girls♥) . I Love my family

Hi My lil Austin has his first day at day care 2day 2:00 to bout 5:30pm. Hope he has a good one.Hope he takes the bottle for the ladies.
I'm back to work for the 1day a week, I'm going to miss him heaps.
Last night he slept so good, my lil Angel.
I put him to bed at 4:30pm he slept through till 4:30am, then went back to bed at 5:30am till 8:30am.
He is napping again now.
Hi all

This is my first time on the huggies forum, I have a ds 8 weeks old, it was a little bit of a shock when he was born as he arrived 5 weeks early and had to spend time in the special care nursery with a feeding tube down his nose it was a very scary experience. He was due the 2nd of may, I am adjusting to parent hood very well, would love to hear from some other parents who have had the same experience.[/img][/url]

Hi March Mummies

I haven't popped in for a while. It is great to hear how everyones babies are coming along.

Brandon is sleeping from 7pm till 7.30 am every night now (i'll probably ginks myself now) and doesn't stop cooing and garring. It always brings a tear to my eye as its so sweet.

How times flies once our babies are born.

Jake, Jemma & baby Brandon


Hope you don't mind me joining in.

I'm a second time March mum.
#2 was born one day before his sister's 1st b'day
Leo was born the 26th March
Weighing 4.3kg, 52cm long
At 9wks he is currently 7.3kg & 63cm long!
Already in some size 0's! *sob*

I breed them big though! Ava is 14mths & already weighs 14kg & is 84cm tall!

Ahhh, duty calls, hope to get to know you all!

Mummy to Ava- 26mths, Leo- 14mths & #3- Due Sept

Yeah i know what you mean. I could watch our little man all day, even when he sleeps. He gets weighed again next week, cant wait to see how he is. He is such a sticky beak. We have nicknamed him beaker lol. He hardly looks at me anymore, just wants to beak at everything else!!
He slept till 4.30 this morn then slept with me till 8. Such a good boy.
MIL is coming next week and has told us to book a restaurant so we can go out and she will stay home and babysit. It will be our first outing without isaac. Looking forward to getting dressed up and having a nice meal but also a bit nervous about leaving isaac.

Hi, I'm new to this forum, i'm a mum to 2, Ketia almost 17 months and Atayiika who was born on March 30 2007, the poor little fella had his 2 month needles yesterday, and last night he slept through the night! I'm so excited! I hope it keeps happening and wasn't just a one off.
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