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March 2007 bubs Lock Rss

Hi March Mums

I hope you don't mind me joining in.

I am a mum to 4 kids. Emily 5,Ellen 4,Adele 2, and Jack 10weeks.

Jack has been good lately. He was born 3 weeks early and had colic. He has settled now. He is bf and feeds 4 hourly during the day. Goes to bed at 8pm at wakes about 3am, then 7am.
I am really tired with the 4 kids to run after but I just keep telling myself it isn't forever. Jack is my last baby, so I am going to enjoy him as much as I can, tired and all.

Jack weighs 5.4kgs and 56cm long at 9wks. Hope all your babies are doing well.
Hope to talk to you all soon.

QLD DD 2/02 DD 3/03 DD 2/05 Jack 23/3/07

Hi Shnooky

My ds was born the same day as Atayiika, Cooper had his 2 month needles on tuesday I don't know who was more upset him or me. You are very lucky your little man is sleeping through, cooper wakes every 3 hours for a feed, I hope Atayiika continues to sleep through for you smile[/img][/url]

Just popping in quickly, Dominik is in the yard "helping" his dad, and Annika is sleeping.
We went for our pixi photos this morning, they look awesome. DH usually goes off his chops at the price and was determined not to buy any just take the free one. Haha he was the one that bought a package!!!! Now he knows how tough it is to walk away lol.
Off to the clinic on Monday, so I will update then.....
Take care all.

1 monkey, 1 diva = the love of my life

Hi I just typed a post but when I went to post it the website wanted me to enter my email and deleted my post. I have to go now to change a nappy. I will be back some other time.

Hope all are well.


Hi Girls

Our little man had his first big laughs on sat night. i had heard him once before but this was just gorgeous. i was talking to him in the mirror, just before his bath and his daddy walked in. well he just burst out laughing, it was the funniest thing. he just kept laughing. what i would give to know what he was laughing at smile.
His nan is coming on wednesday, she is staying for a week.

Naomi we finally got some family photos done so i will email you a couple.
hope you are all well
chat soon xx

Fi the photos are absolutely adoreable!!!

We went to the clinic yesterday...hmmm I have a chubba bubba, but I knew that the 2 chins gave her away.
She is at 3months 62cms long and 6.2kgs!!! She is in the 95% for her age hehe. Her head is 39cms in the 50% haha
Doing well though, no issues, she isn't starving that's for certain.

Dominik fell down the front stairs on Saturday, trying to catch up to his father. He usually goes down the drive but this time he took the stairs. He put his teeth through his lip and cut just under his bottom lip, banged his head too. Blood everywhere, off to the hospital we went. All well though, no stitches, already almost healed!!! Had a fat lip for a couple of days. But he is 2, so it's normal. In hospital he fell and hit his head again, nurses saw him ad said now we see how the first injury happened lol. I have a clumsy boy on my hands.
Like mother like son.....
Chat again soon. Take care

1 monkey, 1 diva = the love of my life

Hi to all other March mums,
i thought i would join you all as my DS was born on 25/3/07. I got a bit of cabin fever last week and started searching the web to keep me busy and found you all! I love the joys of the big smiles and laughs i am now getting in the morning as Benjamin is now 10wks old.
is anyone's else bub still feeding lots at night?

Mum to two boys (born March 07 & December 08)

Welcome Bindy, i hope you get as much enjoyment out of these posts as we all do.
Thanks Naomi, and your photos were goreous too. LMAO about the double chin, Isaac has 3 hehe. I got him weighed yesterday and he is 12 weeks, 6.4kg (fully clothed after a bottle haha), head 39cm and is 60cm long. And guess what??? He slept thro the night last night!!! WOOHOO i was so loving him this morn lol. His nanny is here visiting and she is just spoiling him to bits. smile
So glad to hear Dominik is ok. Did you take photos? Sorry if that sounds insensitive but i remember when reece fell off his bike and split his chin open and got a fat lip i took some photos, just in case he wonders later how he got his scar lol. Anyway i think i hear Beaker calling (thats his new nickname, coz he stickybeaks and has hair like beaker off the muppets lol smile Chat soon xxoo

Hi to all the March mummys,

My Darling boy came into this world on 16/3/2007
weighing 4kg, 49 cm in length and head circ 37cm

my ds is 3 months today time has gone so fast it is crazy....

Bindyc: My darling boy wakes up quite often through the noght still he will sleep for between 5-7 to start with from around 7 then will wake every 3 hours after this....

I go back to work in 2 weeks time oart time that is it will be heart breaking to leave him for the 3 days

any way nice to meet you all hope to get to no everyone

sam and kristian
Hi to all the March Mummies,

Tegan is now 12 weeks old, how time flies when you're having fun. She is still exclusively BF, and is still feeding 6 times a day. I am so glad to hear Sam tht Kristian has one big sleep and then fed every 3 hours, so does Tegan. It feels like I no sooner put her down and she's up again.

Although the smiles do make up for it abit. The cheeky devil loves her night feed, sits there smiling her head off while feeding and milk is pouring down her cheek.

My busy house

hi my names kelly, im new to this huggies forum thing, didnt know it existed till this evening. will my little angel is called michael he was born on the 22 March, he was a week early (i was due on the 29th). he was born within 3 hrs of going into labour (5 hrs fm finishing work for the day), and i had a water birth.

he weighted in at 6 lbs 11 1/2 oz (3.04 kgs), length 56cm, head 35cm. hes 12wks this coming thursday, not to sure where the time went, doesnt feel like 11 wks of interupted sleeps,endless amounts of dirty nappies and 11 wks of compete happiness and joy that he brings.

my little angel's growing so fast

Hi everyone, how's it all going? I'm brand new to this forum & thought I'd join in here since my gorgeous little one was a March baby.

DS is our first & was born a week late on by emergency caesar weighing 7lbs 10oz. He couldn't breathe at birth after inhaling meconium & had to spend time in the NICU. He's all good now though and it's fantastic to watch him grow & change every day! I think he's starting to teeth at the moment, I can't see any teeth cutting through but he's a bit cranky, has rosy little cheeks & is dribbling like crazy. I think that's indicative of teething??

But no matter how much he screams at me, dribbles on the furniture & pees in my face when I change his nappy, he's such a constant source of love & delight smile
[Edited on 14/09/2007]
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