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March 2007 bubs Lock Rss

I just found great. I have a 3 year old girl Bella and a boy Michael born 2/3/07. I can't believe it has already been 3 and a half months since he was born. I knew having another baby would be more work....but who could imagine how much more! All of his gorgeous smiles make up for it though! It was hard at first as I had a low milk supply, but CONTINUOUS feeding and some domperidone have sorted it out for the most part and now I can actually enjoy him and his sister again!

HI all, hows everyones bubs. Lil Austin will be 3months on Sunday. He has managed to roll over a couple of times. Last few days his cheeks have been red and he has been sucking on his fists, i was thinking he may teeth early? Who knows he has been a bit grumpy.He is enjoying daycare, but want drink his bottle only a couple of sips! for the carers. Luckily he is only there for 2-5 hrs the one day a week.I'm going to have to give him bottles during the day now, and just a breast feed in the morning, before night time and his 1 or 2 night feeds. Any way bye for now
Hi to all,

Rebekah is now 14 weeks old, she has just gotten over a bad cold and is sleeping thru the night. I gave her tummy time this morning and she did her 1st roll onto her back. I was so proud. I can't believe how fast she has grown, I went to a Breast feeding meeting this morning and I saw a little 5 week old, she looked huge in comparison. Only a couple of weeks till our bubs start their farex...

Take care!

Gabbi, Brisbane, Rebekah 07/03/07

Hi all,

Bindyc - my DS was also born on 25th March, its gone sooo fast.

I haven't been on for a while cause our internets been out of action.
Matt is know 11 1/2 weeks and he's weighing in at 7kg and 60cm long, I can't believe how big he is. My DD didn't reach that weight until she was 6months old. So obviously I'm not worried about his weight gain, lol. He's been sleeping through from about 9pm til 6am for the past few weeks which i am sooooo happy about. He's just starting to giggle a little and talks to anything and everything, so cute.

My DD has been a tad annoying lately, I think its just her age, she's nearly 2. She always seems to be in DS face or sooking for something, she's starting to drive me crazy. I think its time for her to go to day care atleast 1 day a week, I need a little quiet time.

Anyway look forward to reading more of your updates.


Cassy n Matty

Hey everyone. It is so nice to see such a great little community of women with March bubbies! I am not new, but it has been ages since my last post.
Im not really sure what to write, but maybe a bit of background - My little Emily was born on 12th March, one day early. She was 3.5kg and 50.5cm. She has rolled from tum to back once, about 2 weeks ago, and hasn't done it since! I heard her giggle for the first time on Saturday and then today she did this gorgeous belly-laugh!! I was taking her clothes off for a bath and she just started laughing for seemingly no reason - absolutely hilarious. She is still up at least once at night, but has been doing better and better in that area - especially if she gets alot of feeds during the day.
Well, not sure what else to say, except it is nice to meet you all. Jen. gasp)
Hey Jen, how gorgeous to hear Emily laugh like that...isn't it just adorable? DS laughed for the first time about a fortnight ago - early in the morning I could hear him awake and making funny noises. When I went to check on him, that's just what he was doing - laughing at absolutely nothing! Big chuckles with a huge smile on his face, and it was the most gorgeous thing I've ever seen! Almost makes me wish he could stay a baby forever, aaaaah.
[Edited on 14/09/2007]
Hello Everyone.

My 11 week old, Dylan, was born on 31st March so we just fit into this thread. My good little boy sleeps 12-13 hours a night. Has been sleeping 8 hours since about 4 weeks old. Dylan weighs 6.75kg so he has been putting on heaps of weight (averaging about 500g most weeks).

How are all the March Mummies going?

Mummynik, i can't wait for my little ben to sleep like your DS. 12 weeks tommorrow and the magical 3 month mark everyone is talking about i am looking forward to. Sleep being the MAGIC things i WANT.
we have just come back from holidays and he got spoilt and slept with us as the porta cot was not what we thought it was going to be. So last night our first night back was a disaster with DS up what seemed like hourly and at 5am it became a 10minutely battle to see who could win - he doesn't like being back in his own cot in his room! Tonight i better win... so far i am not!
I will go get DS son weighed this week to see how heavy he is with all his double chins and muffin top belly!

have a good week all.

Mum to two boys (born March 07 & December 08)

bindyc - how did you go with DS sleeping???
sorry to tell you this but my dd didn't sleep through until she was 11mths old, it was a long 11 months too, so i'm not sure what the 3month mark is like, hopefully for you your son isn't like my daughter. she was only waking twice towards the end but at the beginning it was every 2-4hours at night and during the day she slept for 30min to the dot. luckily with ds he's soooo much better. i'm glad i started with one who didn't sleep very well and now have the better one, if it were the other way round i think i'd go insane.

today DD is 23mths and DS is 12weeks, even though its not long it feels like they've both been around forever.


Cassy n Matty

Hi all. I'm not new to this thread but it has been a while! Megan12 your baby boy is sooo gorgeous - a beautiful photo. My little Princess Sienna was born on 6 March and was 7lbs 4oz. She has been putting on weight slowly but steadily so she is still quite little, despite the double chins! She smiles constantly but hasn't laughed yet. Blowing bubbles and raspberries is her latest thing and she still wakes at least once during the night, sometimes twice. Hope all is well with everyone.


Sienna - 1st baby 6-3-07

a quick reply as DS has just gone to sleep...
Nikki - Last night DS gave me an AMAZING 5 hrs sleep in a row. First time ever and i am praying it happens tonight again. oh and 30min naps is all he does during the day too except if lying next to my boobs in bed then i might get longer but i dont get much done then!
doh, he is crying again right now... but the night is young and 5hrs is still very possible.

hope all the other mums are going well.

Mum to two boys (born March 07 & December 08)

Hi all

just thought I would pop in to say hi, I am a little bored, we stayed home all day today due to raining weather. DS was all smiles today but seemed grumpy in between smiles. but no matter how cranky he is he is still beautiful and I could watch him all day but house work calls so better go bye for now[/img][/url]

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