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2005 babies... August 2005? Lock Rss

hey my son was born 10th August 2005, i was wondering has anyone else bubz been born around this time? if so wat are they up 2? have u started toilet training? are they talking alot? let me know or add me to msn,

Justin, 21mnths old!
hi my daughter Isabella was born on the 27th of July 2005 so not too far off! We did start to toilet train her but we stopped as I was about to have a baby. Ive been told to train them in winter, because when you pull their trousers down and sit on a cold potty, they automatically pee..... She also babbles about stuff but not clearly. Is your little man talking?

Isabella, 21mths old & Connor, 8wks old


My DD was born on the 27th August 2005. We have started with TT by putting her in knickers of a day time and have introduced her to the potty and toilet with a special seat. Still a long way off but we are slowly making a start as she has shown signs of readiness.
She is talking a lot. Double dutch mostly that I can't understand but she does say single words and one or two broke sentences like "Where you?" and "Thank you Mum.".
How is your little one going??
[Edited on 16/05/2007]

nee Lilysmama - Proud Mama of 2 Girls

oh wow thats exciting! my lil man is the same, he isnt chatting away like full conversations but he is putting two words together clearly and babbles alot also, he says alot of words clearly though, give it a few more months and im sure they will be chatting away!! lol where are you gurls from?! ive sorta started TT him but nothing serious yet, im sorta nervous about it all but im sure he will be fine, he comes when me and DP go to the toilet and he loves pushing the button for it to flush and gives himself a big YAY and claps!! grin yesterday i did sit him on the toilet yesterday when he was half way through doing a pooh (since he runs into the toilet when he wants to do one!) and i sat him on the toilet and he did the other half on there and he actually just sat holding the toilet paper and wiped himself!! i was so proud! lol if u wanna email me or add me to msn, i dont know many mums or bubs around the same age as my son... it would be good to chat! grin
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