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Hi everyone,

I had a baby girl Makayla on 15/03/07, I can't beleive how quick the time has gone. I am very lucky she is sleeping between 3-4 hours during the day and 4-6 hours of a night. How is everyone going with their little bundle of joy?

Jacqui, Brad and Makayla 11.5 weeks
Hi Jacqui

I had a baby girl 4/2/07, Madison. Time goes so fast!!!
I'm very lucky with how much she sleeps. She was sleeping through the nite most nites but then we went on a holiday to Tassie and since she wakes mainly once, sometimes more.

But I can't complain, and I love motherhood. Couldn't wait to be pregnant and have a baby, but now its just amazing!!!

Beautiful girl and boy

Hi Jacqui

My ds was born on the 16/03/2007, our littlies are only 1 day lucky thing having her sleep so much through the day i am fighting with ds to go to sleep for 1 hour...
Good luck i hope everything is going well for you.

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