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July 2004 Babies - Birthday Time!!!!Whats your baby up to??? Lock Rss

Our bubs are turning 1 this month. what's you baby up to?

Kayla is crawling and standing by herself but not yet walking, has just got her 2 top teeth so that's 4 in total now - and she grinds them too! She weighs about 10.7kg, still sleeps 10-12hours a night and has 1-2 sleeps a day also - she loves her big sister and has actually just started throwing herself on her tummy on the floor and kicking her legs about when she does not get her own way.

Anyway, whats you bub up to?

Emily 08/02, Kayla 07/04 & Jeremy 02/08

Hi Brooke!
Well my little one turned 1 on Sunday! Hasn't the time just flown by!
Gemma is also standing but not yet walking. Not far off though! She is still a little gummy bear - no teeth at all. I'm not sure how much she weighs as I'm going to my CHN later this week, but she was about 11.3 kg 3 weeks ago.
She has the most gorgeous little personality and a real cheeky little kid. We have a nudie time before shower at night, where I chase her around on the bed. She squeals in delight, ploughs her head into the mattress and trys to buldoze herself forward. The end result being this cute little bum up in the air wriggling around!
I can't believe how much love you can have for someone, and just when you think you couldn't love them more, you do. My girl has made the last year of my life the best ever yet.

DD1 July 2004 DD2 August 2007 DS September 2009

Hi all,

how wonderful to see there is a topic for our 1 year old. It's a birthday present, isn't it? Thank you Brooke.

David was born on 20 July. He is still standlying, only waking up to 4 steps to chase when his toy is taken. He just got 4 bottom teeth, 12 in total, but is very fussy on food, still can't take even a small piece of lump food. He weighs 10.1kg two weeks ago, 50% for boys in that age. He is a little happy boy with big smile. He always say bye-bye when we just walk out- too late. He loves music. He starts dance whenever he hears music. It's just so cute when he rocks his little hip.

Have you had any trouble with cold & flu things? David had eye infection when we were still in hospital, had two colds and severe eczema when he was 4 month old. Heart breaking experiences.

Happy birthday to Gemma.

Keep in touch.

Fei, TAS, 11mth baby

Happy Birthday to all the jUly 04 Babes.

My daughter Georgena will be one on the 12th. She has 2 teeth (just) and is walking around the furniture. She has been unwell in the last few weeks after having tonsolitis and and upper respitatory tract infection and being diagnosed with asthma (hand in hand with the exzema) we are now having a few insecurity issues due to having to have her sllep in the pram for a few days purely for the elevation for her breathing. The joys of now getting her back in to her cot are ever lasting. She dropped back to 8.6kg while she was sick so we'll see what she is tomorrow. I dont think I'm going to get to my magical 9kg by the time she's one though.

Once again Happy Birthday to all the babes and to all the parents enjoy becasue how quick has the year gone.


Tammy, Georgena and Alexander

Hi all,

Caleb is just about walking by himself (even though I've been saying that for weeks!), he loves to get round the house with his trolley chasing the dog and last night he let go of the lounge and walked to the other side of the room to his toys.
I got him weighed about 3 weeks ago and he weighed 11.29 kgs and his length is 78cm, it's just amazing at how fast they grow. He's a happy little boy who has the cheekiest grin to show off his 6 teeth.I'm still getting over the fact that my little boy will be 1 on the 30th, we are having a little party for him with family and friends and I'm even going to attempt to cook a cake.

Happy 1st Birthday to everyones little angels.

Mum to 3 gorgeous cheeky kids.

Hi Kayla's mummy!!

My lil girl just had a big party to celebrate her very special first birthday and she had an awesome time considering she was the center of attention!!

She is running around at this stage and walking more well then 2 months ago when she started walking (at 10months mind you, which completely blew my husband and I away!!)

Shes always been a content baby and at this stage shes more happier then ever. Her vocabulary consist of more then 13 words with the majority of them spoken in clear speech. She just learned to speak two syllables like "no more" with hand gestures that demonstrate empty hands.

She at current has 4 teeths (2 front upper & two front lower) with signs of two more from the upper showing alongside the usual indicators like waking at night and fussingness. But shes a delight even when shes at this stage!!

Shes learn to draw and colour in and shes a very quick learner. I am started to learn more and more things about her. Shes developing her creativity skills and using her imagination to do things that continously suprise her dad and I.

She alsos enjoy problem solving and is very good at using two objects to play together and combine or work a way to use the two completely different items to play a game together. Like the other day she was holding a chopstick and she saw a hair tie on the ground, she look at both for a while and to my surprise she use the chopstick to pick up the hair tie by scooping it through the loop and amazingly 2-3 times she succeeds. . This kept her entertain for a while..

Not sure when your bubs will turn 1 but just wanted to congratulate you on the joy of Kayla turning one and Happy Birthday to the special lil girl!!


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