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Hi Everyone
i had my first baby on the 1st of january just seeing what any other january baby is up to.

Crawling benjamin has not yet mastered but is too busy sucking on his hands when he has tummy time as he is teething. i have tired putting toys in front of him but still doesnt stop those hands in the mouth. standing on his feet is getting better but not 100 per cent. (as i have be told by the clinic nurse he should be standing on them)

anne, benjamin 1/1/05, matthew 18/07/07

Poppy, my little girl was born at the beginning of December but was due at the end of January and so is more like a January baby. Shes not crawling or looking like she will soon and is very frustrated at being on her back - she does sqats to try to sit up but cant manage it. She loves her jolly jumper but I am torn about whether to get her a walker or not. She is a bit harder than most and still eats EVERY 3 hours day and night although she is on solids but is so happy I dont really care. She has also just noticed our dog and strokes him a lot and tries to talk to him. she is so alert these days and wants attention all of the time!

Vivienne, Mooloolaba

Mia was born on her due date - 9 January 2005. She was sooo little, especially being full term, at 5lb 5oz and was 46cms with a full head of spiky hair (4-5cms long). I had her weighed yesterday and she is now 6.5kg and 66cms tall!

She is beautiful! Rolls all over the place, smiles all day, sleeps like a trooper and almost never crys (I would say never crys but she has just got 2 more teeth (3 in total now and all at the bottom) and has been miserable (and so have I)).

Mia loves her jolly jumper and won't sit at all as she just wants to bounce! AND she finally opened her mouth for solids (she was NOT keen on the whole solid food thing) so that is an achievement!

Isn't it funny how each baby is so different from the next? My cousins baby, who is a week older, loves solids, is sitting and rolling but has no teeth and won't sleep!

PS - My niece is 9 mths and she has just started commando crawling so little Benjamin is doin just fine!

Hi Anne,

My baby boy Darcy was born on January 22nd. He has just begun sleeping through the night (7:00 pm - 6:00 am). Two weeks ago, he was still having a 2:00 am feed, but he's since dropped his 10pm and 2 am feeds. He is so much happier now, and so are his parents!

I don't think you can stop hands in mouths, it's all part of their development. Is Benjamin sitting yet? Darcy isn't, but he's close. Nowhere near crawling either, but he does move his knees when he is on his tummy. Darcy does stand on his feet, but for the longest time he didn't ever tretch his legs out, so I'm sure Benjamin is stil learning. Does he play with his toes yet? I think that comes before standing on feet...

Hi everyone,
Angus was born 14th January, he's a great sleeper but not crawling yet and no teeth visible but he also has his hands in his mouth constantly. He's such a happy boy and also loves his jolly jumper. Starting to get the hang of solids but for a while there it just didn't happen! Its great to hear what others the same age are up to


My Baby Andrew was born on the 12th January - 4 weeks early and was only 4 pound 11 oz (2.1kgs), he is now about 6.8kgs and doing really well. He has been sleeping through the night for about 3 months and is only just starting solids, but is really not interested quite yet, however he does try to grab food and drink off me, so I don't think he's far away from enjoying food. He has the most beautiful smiles and when he giggles he makes my heart melt. He has no teeth yet and is almost rolling over. Everyday is something new and I can't wait to see him every morning and see what will happen next. I love being a mother it is such an exciting time.
hi my name is jess my little girl was born on the 16th of january 2005.she is now 6 months old and is doin excellent she moves her self round when she is on the floor doing tummy time draggin her self.she sits up and plays with toys, and rolling every where lol.i think she is teething madly as we have had a couple of nights where she just screamed so i gave her bonjela and it worked miricals.chey loves her walker she scoots around every where with it and loves it totally it was the best thing i brought her.She is very smart she has learnt TA and knows when she is doing something wrong.This is my first child and i love her to bits.

ME 30, DH 32, DD 10 , DD 4 and baby due 24th May 2015

Jasper was born 6.04 on 26.1.05 Australia Day...
He was two weeks early..He is our first & my labour was only two hours it was so quick but very scary..My husband broke all speed records to get to the hospital as I though I had time for a shower..
Jasper loves grabbing things at the moment we have to be careful as he can reach for our cuppas & he is very quick.He loves playing on his mat & can turn from his stomach to his back.He is ready to crawl but nothing yet gets very excited.He is such a joy but can fights us to sleep, but sleeps through the night & has naps during the day.I think he is teething but nothing yet...He loves putting things in his mouth..Jasper was trying to stand from 3month when he use to scream but loves to show off..Everyone I talk to all the babies are doing different things at different times babies pace themselves.....
hi everyone,

I had a little boy on the 30th of January, however i think he's wise beyond his years.

he's been comando crawling for a week, and is now just starting to get the knees up i give his a week and i bet he's mastered it too. You can stand him up on the floor so he's touching the couch and he stands without assistance, not to mention he loves nothing more than to walk or run with you holding onto his little hand in case he looses his balance and topples over.

He got his first 2 teeth 6 weeks ago, and has happily been taking solids from about 10 weeks old. He honestly things he's all growen up to the point that no-one can give him his bottle, he prefers to feed himself. Did i mention that he's only 6 and a half months old. i've tryed to slow him down, but it only makes him more determined. it's sad to see him growing up so quickly
I became a fist time Mum on 13 January 2005 to Joshua...boy has time flown by so quickly. Was at first not happy that his birthday was the 13th January as it could fall on a Friday but he shares the b'day with Orlando Bloom!! Joshy was 6 pounds 7 ounces and has been my life don't know how I lived before my kids...he now has a sister Grace who was born 16 Jan 2007

Mum to a gorgeous boy and a gorgeous girl

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