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June 2005 babies Lock Rss

Hi My name is Alanna and I hve just had my 2nd baby.

Noah was born on the 29th June '05. He weighed 7lb 9oz, length was 49cm and his H/C 34.5cm. I had him 3 weeks early due to (I thought and so did my OB) having another big baby. I had a c/s and recovering excellent from. I wasnt due to have Noah to the 16th July.

Has anyone else had a bub in June? Would love to chat smile

Alanna,VIC DD 030503 DS1 290605 & DS2 040407

Hi Alanna

Just read your post in the pregnancy and birth so decided to contirbute here.

My name is Sheryl by the way and i have three children. Adam is almost 4, Holly is 1 and Matthew was born on the 23 June this year.

He weighed 8lb 8.5oz, he was 50cm and HC was 35.1.

Just have to ask how big was your daughter born??? Just beeing nosy

Adam(07/09/01), Holly(08/07/04) & Matthew(230605)

Hi my names Helen im 19 years old and just had my 1st baby on 23rd June 05 .

Brianna Louise was born at 12:03pm and weighed 7lb 13oz , 50cms long and a head circumference of 35cms. She was 10 days early...

We live in Mount Barker W.A (Down South) and would love to chat to anyone else in the area or other young mums.

I had my baby boy Lachlan on 9/6/05, 7Ib 4oz and was also early, we where in hospital for 6days as he was in a crib and under lights to help with his jaundice.

Hi all. My name is Maryann 27yrs and i had a baby girl on the 1/06/2005 her name is Isabella Lucia Susan. I am a first time mother which my pregnancy was a surprise. Isabella is now three months old. gee time flys and she is getting older by the minute. I am looking forward to have another child when i turn 29.

I had Bella by c-section recovered well. My SIL had a baby two days before mother's day and our children are only 3weeks apart so they will grow up together.

Congrats to all who have had their baby in June and look forward to chat with you in this website or the website that princess222003 has made up smile

Maryann, NSW, Isabella 01/06/05, Dante 19/10/2008

My third child, a girl, Miranda, was born 22nd June. didn't find out was having her until 24 weeks as I had a baby 20th August 04. She was supposed to be due 15th July, but was booked for Caesar 4th July ( due to 2 previous caesars) She couldn't wait though and was born at 36 weeks weighing 7lb2oz. She is doing so well and was putting on 400g a week. She has slowed down to 200g a week now and is always laughing at me. She is beautiful and her big brother and sister love her to bits.

Wendy, Qld, DD 20/08/04, DD 22/06/05, DS 24/03/98


My Name: Paula
My Baby's name: Dorian
DOB: June 3rd, 2005
Location: Blackburn South, VIC

Baby sleeps from 10:30 - 5:00 am sometimes till 7 or 8. Brestfed only. Nothing major to report smile

Paula, VIC, 1st baby

Hi Alanna,

My name is Kirsty and I have also had my second baby. His name is Noah!! And was born on the 10th June. Weighing in at 6lb 12 1/2oz.

I also had Noah early as my first son Logan was big (only weighed 8pound3, but my pelvis is narrow so I discovered and had a lot of trouble with the delivery)

I was induced 2 weeks early and this time was a breeze. Once my water was broken it was all over in 1hr.

Hope to hear from you soon


For those in Melbourne, I just sent this email to my friends, and I thought that I should post it here too in case anyone is interested:

As I was thinking today about how much I enjoy French food, it occurred to me that I haven't been to a proper French restaurant since I got pregnant. Out of all the restaurants Ive been to, Vue de Monde is my favorite, so I went to their website and they actually have an awesome, inexpensive lunch menu:

A La Carte:
Or set:

I have sent them an email asking if it was possible to get a private room for lunch and whether babies would be welcomed. Are there any mums & bubs that would be interested in doing this with me sometime in the next month during the week? If Vue de Monde says no way, I'm happy to try a few other nice restaurants..

I think we deserve to have a treat, dont you?? wink

Paula & Dorian

Paula, VIC, 1st baby

My name is Kristi and i have a beautiful baby daughter Jordana but we call her Jordy she was born on the 23rd june weighting a nice 4108kg/(9lb 3oz(i think) ,53cm long and H/C 37cm.
She has been pretty good really, sleeps through bout 3 nights a week other nights sleeps 4-6hrs thens wants a feed and goes straight back to sleep. She is growing so fast very amazing little creature....
I have been reading everyones messages for a while and thought i would join in now.


Kristi & Jordy

Kristi, mum to Jordy 23-06-05

Good idea for making Christmas presents.

I am knitting some stuff for my daughter (a teddy bear - I did the same one for my neice when she was born but haven't done one for Emily yet)

Also some things for my neice and nephew.

I have some Finding Nemo fabric that I picked up from Big W (it's a remnant can't remember how big it is but it was only $3.00) and am trying to think of something to make for my nephew with that.

Has anyone got any ideas? he is 2 in January.

I was thinking of a big drawstring bag to put his lego in - my son has one and it's like a big mat where they can have it open and see exactly what they have got without tipping it all out. when you're done playing you just pull the string and it's all packed up again.
Hi Alanna

My Names Tash and i had my first baby on the 7th of June. A little girl Kaylie she weighed 8lb 12oz, length was 52 cms.
I love being a perant and Kaylie is such a good baby since she was about 6 weeks old she has slept from about 8:30 at night until 7:30 in the morning,
She has just started teething so she has been a bit of a grumpy guts and she just wants lots of cuddles
which i dont mind.
I would love to hear from you.

Tash, SA

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