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Just writing to find out how many babies were born in march 05 and if so we should meet up for a cuppa or just to talk about our babies.

kirsten,nsw 4mths baby

my baby girl was born 31-3-05 her name is maddison. i live in vic. you?
what is yours up to?

Karen, Vic, 31-3-05 Maddison

Hi Kokomo
My little man was born on 14 March 2005. His name is Maddox. What date was your little baby born on?
Hi Everyone,

I will introduce my self my name is Michelle and my Husband is Mathew, we have 4 children in total we have a 11 years old Blake, 8 year old Nicholas and the twins Bailey & Annabelle born on the 4th March 2005.

I was very excited to be having twins as it took up 6 years of trying after our second son to fall pregnant, finally it happened with the help of IVF we were so happy to be having twins. I had the twins at 36.3weeks they were a really great size for twins Bailey weighed 2160gmsand 46cm long and Annabelle weighed 2580gms 47cm long.

They are now 5 months and are doing really well now although they both have reflux it is pretty much under control now. They are not rolling yet but i don't think it will be long.

I have started Bailey on solids last week as he only takes 120mls of bottle which i don't thinks is enough really for his weight they now weigh 6.7kgs for Annabelle and 7kgs for Bailey which is really good.

I am from Sydney is there anyone from here as well that would love to catch up.



Hi there,

I'm a mum (Danielle) of three boys and my last baby boy was born on the 18th March 05, his name is Brock.

My other boys are 12 and 9 (big difference)
I was reading all your babys birth dates and how everyones babys are going. Its also a relief to know i'm not the only one having to get up through the night. (I thought it was that Brock was really sick when he was 5 weeks old and had got into the pattern of waking up through the night.)

Good to see alot of the babys are rolling around everywhere and the progress they are going through.
My son held a baby Goose today and its times like these you really need that video camera out all the time to capture every little thing they do.

Well here's to hearing all about everyones little adventures and good luck to all the first time mums out there at least you have this great thing called the huggies parent exchange, its always good to get some advise or to hear that your only human.

my second beautiful baby boy was born on 12th of march 2005 and his name is kareem. he is now almost 7 months old.

Amina, mum of 3 boys 06/03, 03/05, 06/08

Hi Kirsten,
I am a first time mum, to daughter Sidney born on the 15th of March 2005. She entered the world 11 days early and very quick, borrn in 1 hour 54 minutes..... She is a delight and has been since birth. I am still breastfeeding and she has two meals a day. She loves her food...She has two bottom teeth, which came through two weeks ago. At 6 months she weighed 7.8Kg. Very well fed!!
Sidney is rolling and sitting up and loves to talk(baby talk that is)..I own my own business a linen shop and so she comes to work with me 3 days a week. It is perfect. She has just started sleeping 10 hours at night and only has cat naps during the day. Yesterday I took Sidney to her first swimming lesson, she screamed... thats fairly normal they told me, she loves her bath and so it won't be long before she is loving the pool...

Well she is now awake and hungry so we'll be off for lunch..

my email address is [email protected] at home or [email protected] at work for any mum who wants to talk about their baby.

Jaime, Mum to daughter Sidney Rae, 15-3-05


I am new to this forum and its my first, My baby was born 16th March her name is Mia and she is 7 and half months old. She has 4 teeth( 5 & 6) are very close behind, she sits, crawls, does army rolls and talks alot now....she is just exploring furniture the last 2 days and tries ever so hard to pull herself up but just cant get there yet. I am from NSW and always love too chat.

Venessa NSW Daughter Mia 16/3/05

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