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Anyone with a prem baby story of there birth and how there baby is going now.

My Andrew was 4 weeks early and he was 4 pound 11 oz, and 45.5cms long. He came early because he was not growing in the womb, so Dr said he would be better out than in. I was excited and unsure, but still couldn't wait. Everything went fine and he did really well on his Apgar 8 then 9. He was taken to Special Care and was only there for 4 days and then roomed with me for two. When we left he was only 4 pound 9oz, and it was scarey taking something so tiny home, and very hard to put in a car seat. He looked like the car seat had swallowed him up, lucky we didn't have far to travel.

Anyway he has done really well and is now Six months old, he is a fantasic baby and never cries. Someone said that premmies are usually very good babies and I just wanted to hear from other premmies parents about how there baby came early and how they did with such a small baby and how the baby is doing now.

Mandy and Andrew - born 12/01/05 should be 12/02/05
Hi Mandy,
I too have premmie babies (twins) they were born at 32 weeks.
1 was 1.2kgs (2pd 6 ozs) the other 2.4kgs (5pd 5 ozs) guess which one wasn't growing in the womb.
Yes I too got told that I would be having them NOW as the little man wasnt growing and had hardly any fluid left, where as the big fellow had too much so each of them had their own little concerns. They were in NICU for 4 weeks then transferred to special care for 2 weeks. They came home at 2.1 (4pd 6 ozs) and 3.3 (7pd 2ozs)

They are now nearly 9 months (7 months corrected) and weigh 5.4 and 7.1kgs and doing really well. The bigger one is pretty much at the level of a term baby but the little one I would say is roughly a 5-6 month developement.

where are you from???

Sydney,twin boys 22/10/04+girl 26/03/02

My daughter Brooke was born at 23.2 weeks (17 weeks early) and weighed 450 grams.
She is now 2 years old and going great. She is a very happy girl and very intelligent.
Brooke spent 5 months in hospital, 2 1/2 months on life support, 2 wks on CPAP and the rest on O2.
She had just about every problem there is and overcame them all. She has always been a good baby, loves her food, sleeps through the night etc..
She weighs 9.5 kg at 2 yrs.

Mum to Brooke 23.2 weeks, 450 grams now 3.5 yrs

It's fantastic to here such fantastic stories... I had my baby boy Ethan 5 weeks early, he was in Special Care for 4 weeks with very immature lungs on O2, tube fed. It was all so new to us and we didn't know what to think, especially when we couldn't even give him cuddles in his first week of life because he was so serious. He was born at 35 weeks, 2.85kg (6pound 4oz), 52 cms. Now he is 4mths, 9kg (20pounds), 68cms and is off the charts!! Being a premmie he has always been a good baby.

Hi Mandy & Andrew

Shani was born 7wks early by emergency c-section after 3 days labour.
She weighed 4lb 10 oz which the Dr said wasn't too bad.
She is now just over 9 months & weighs 16lb, is abit of a shorty ( I'm only just 5 ft ) so here's hoping she takes after her Dad!!!!

She's a very happy baby, crawling backwards now with 4 teeth. Eats everything I offer her.

It was abit of a shock having such a tiny baby after 2 7lb boys. I will admit I was really freaked out when I took her home. I was scared to be left alone with her & then she didn't feed, was taking 30mls over an hour.

Take care

Melanie & Shahni 13/10/05
Hi Everyone,
In Nov 05 gave birth to identical twin boys, Dylan 1000grams, and Andre 884grams, at 26 weeks. From the very begining it was obvious they were fighters and they did really well, putting on weight, getting off ventillators and CPAP, even arriving home from hospital before their due date!!
They have no real major health concerns, only minor, except for chronic lung disease. They are imcredibly good sizes now, Dylan in 9kg, and Andre 7kgs, they are 8months, 5 months corrected, but they are constantly in hospital,usually due to feeding problems or lung problems. I would really like to hear from someone who is also constantly in and out of hospital with their child/ren.
Also congratulations to all the families who got through NICU, i found our time their very difficult and i think we all deserve to feel proud we got through it!!!

Sara, Twin Boys

I had my girl 3mths early she weighed 1000g. she was in the hospital for around 3mths. She had cpap was up & down everyday. She is turning 1 in a few days. Docs say she is a bit behind in development but that's to be expected. Having Said that she has a big personality & is getting really long, her weight is ok atm.
Just bumping to get something off first page

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