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Any cool birthdates?? Lock Rss

My twins were 20.04.2004

Twins' Mum, VIC, E & A born 4/04

Hi Kh,

Mines not a number special but my daughter was born 4.7.05 which is "Independence Day" and her name (that we decided on a month beforehand) is Emily meaning "ambitious" because I like the meaning and hope she will be true to her name and it was coincidence she was born on independence day (5days late fr edd) I hope she will be true to her birthdate too!! LOL

Not sure if thats special enough for this thread but its pretty special to my hubby and I and thought I just share it!! smile


Hi just though id throw this in.

Dec/Jan is busy for us... 6th dec hubbys... 22nd dec mine... then xmas... new years... then 5th jan marriage with is exactly 2 weeks after my birthday!

My sister born a day before fathers birthday... Me for xmas

Scarlett 4 - Hazellyn 1 - Blake born 29.07.09

My buddah was 4/4/05 at 11:44 weighing 10.14. I think his lucky number is going to be 4?


Hi, My baby was born on 22.12.04 at 22:12...I think that is pretty neat!!

Me, NSW & DS 22.12.04

my neice was born on the 5/5/00 and turned 5 on the 5/5/05

Kelly, Vic, madison born 4/11/04


Our son Eric was born 12/12/2002 12:50pm
My son was born on the 01/02/03. I tried to push him out at 4.56am but (123456) he was breech (and I was exhausted) so that wasn't happening, instead he came into our world at 5.35am.

Crystal, Vic, boy 2.5years + girl 11 1/2 months

mine is on the 9/7/75..i always thought that was pretty cool and my hubis is on aust day ..the best day...and this it's both our 2nd marrriage and his 3 daughters are all in the same month as my 3 children and they are only days apart..and his mum's is in july and so is mine and my mum's and my sisiters and my brother and were all only days apart so here it goes we'll start from the top of the month mine 9.7 , mnl 10.7 , sis 12.7 , mum 21.7, and bro 21.7 so no more b'days in july it's mad in our family.....

becky,mum of 4,qld

My daughter's birthday is 15/05/05 which I think is pretty cool.

I 'could' have been born 6/6/66 weighing 6 pound & 6 oz however I was born early on the 4th!! Bugger..............then again it's meant to be the devil's number isn't it?

Kerry, WA

Hi!! My daughter was born on the 25/05/05. Easy to remember!! She was due on the 31/05, but I had to be induced due to high blood pressure, so she now has an easier birthdate to remember!!

Melissa, VIC, Mother of 1

My DD is born on the first day of Spring, I thought that was pretty cool smile. But get this....

My mother B'day is the 9th of April
My MIL is the 10th of April
My Step dad is 18th April and
My FIL is also the 18th April

Freeeeeky ay smile
Also my father and brother in law have very close dates too.
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