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Hi, I am a mum of 2 - my son is 6 and born in the UK and my little girl is 8 months and born over here. Would love to chat with anyone in a similar situation or just with babies the same age! I tried the whole Antenatal class thing (to meet some new people), but felt such a fraud as I kinda knew what to expect.
Have tried joining babygroups but generally the babies are a good few months older and toddling around or I get a funny reception when I mention my son. I think that people find it strange that I am there without realising my situation, my son has settled well in school and I would love my little girl to have some friends her own age! Please help!
hi Emma

I have a 6 year old daughter and a one month old son. Ithink I'l find the same thing I'm looking forward to going to playgroup again but dont know when I should start. Tahliah loved going and i enjoyed it just as much but I am worried that when I go that they all be first time mum's or have toddlers, Iam sure i'll feel welcome either way just different cause of the age difference. Anyway i'll go soon maybe. How was your son with the baby when she was born. tahlia is good with cody but not with me she wants my time all the time, and very clingy when she wasn't before I know its probably normal but when and if does it stop. The talking back is getting to me too very cheeky, I think she was like it before but its annoying now. Ididnt realise how much i let her get away with before when it was just her.

mum to tahliah 6 and Cody

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