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Any May 2005 babies? Lock Rss

Just wondering if there's any bubs born in May 2005?

DD was born 15 May 2005 [15/05/2005]


Kerry, WA

Hi kerry how are u?.
my name is liz. My little girl was born on the 11/05/05. Ashley was meent to be born on the 03/05/05. but she did not whant to come on time lol.
I have 4 girls there ages are 6, 4, 2, and 3 months.
u can e-mail me some time if u like and we can chat some time if u like. my e-mail adderss is
[email protected]

Hope to here from u soon.
Take care smile

Liz(♥mumof5girls♥) . I Love my family

Hi Kerry, my baby girl (Phoebe) was born on 08/05/05. She was due on 25/04/05 but was two weeks late!! How is DD going?
Hey Kerry

Scarlett was born 19/05/05 at 1:16am via emer c/s after 18 hours of labor because my heart couldn't cope. She weighted 7lb 8oz (3400g) 49cm long.

Scarlett is the best baby i could ever have hoped for. And thankfully moving to adelaide from canberra almost a month ago, scarletts sleep habits changed from being a night owl to sleeping through the night (maybe the odd wake up for the dummy!)

ATM scarlett is discovering her hands, and often has the Mr. Burns look on her face as her fingers wave around infront of her. "Excellent" smile

Scarlett 4 - Hazellyn 1 - Blake born 29.07.09

hi kezza my aby girl was born on the 18 may 2005 at 9:23 pm after being in labour since 6am that morning i had to go for a c-sec cus of high blood pressure and failure to progress...

anyway on a higher note -- any new mums in toowoomba want to catch up email me at [email protected]
Hi there,

My beautiful little princess Emily was born on the 23/05/05. She is our first child and our little angel. Would love to hear from you Kerry.

My email address is [email protected] Hope to hear from you soon.


Nicole Hopkins

Logan was born 03/05/05 - two weeks early.

Logan 03/05/05 Lily 06/11/06

Hi Kerry,

I am a first time mother of Jenaya she was born on the 28th May 2005 which also happens to be my godsons birthday so he thinks he is so special smile. She was due around the 1st june but i had diabetes so she was induced early. It started on the 26th may no luck so on the 28th may i was given a c section thank god. We have been through some hard time Jen and me but we are well on the road to recovery.

mum of jen 28-05-05

Hey kezzza4,
my baby boy was born on the 18th may 2005. He was due on the 8th of may (mothers day) but obviously didn't want to come out. He was born 7pound 10. After they told me he was going to be underweight. He proved them wrong.
Alec's mummy
My daughter was born on 2/5/05 - almost 8 weeks premature!!!

All happened very quickly - would love to have contact with any other mums of premature babies born in May........

Jo, SA, girl born 2/5/05

Hi everyone...just had Lachlan weighed for a five month check the other day and he weighes 8.1kg (he was 3.2kg at birth). Does anyone else think that is fat cause everyone I meet always comment on how cute and chubby he is???

Crystal, QLD, (Lachlan 4 May 2005, Liy 18 Oct 2007

My son Taylor was born on 25 05 05.

vic, 6mth boy

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