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Any May 2005 babies? Lock Rss

Good afternoon all.
My little girl Alannah was born on 2nd of May 05 - almost 8 weeks early so she is a 'prem May baby'. It is really interesting reading about where your babies are up to and being able to see where we are in the scheme of things.

As she is prem (she was due on 22nd June), we have to keep using her 'corrected age' until she is three years old! Very annoying. This will mean that if we wait until 6 months before we give her solids, we have to wait until christmas!! Did many others give their children solids earlier?


Jo, SA, girl born 2/5/05

i just remembered if you go into the reviews section i'm pretty sure someone has reviewd highchairs not that long ago.

Hi Everyone!
My DD was born on 29/05/05. She was 7lb 10oz (3465g) and the smallest of my 4 children. May is a very busy month for us as we have youngest DS 22/05/03, older DD 24/05/97 and Tahlia 29/05/05. Our older DS was born 11/02/96. (Nine months b4 May is August, my birthday........)
DD is such a good baby but she has no choice! She has to wait her turn!
6 weeks b4 I was due, my older DD was diagnosed with diabetes so spent a week in hospital. She's insulin dependant so has to have a needle twice a day.
DD has to go to hospital next week to have her tongue-tie snipped, so hope she not too grumpy when she comes home.
She, too, not rolling over - too happy lying on her back, but HATES lying on her tummy- has no teeth yet, but has the pain of the teeth moving as she's chewing on her fist all the time.
We've tried to start her on rice cereal and fruit, but she gags and screws up her face. She loves rusks and small fingers of toast.

Anyway, it's an extra long weekend here for Melbourne Cup, so I'm looking forward to some time with the chn. Have a good week everyone and hope to hear from some of you.

Sue. Mum of Zac, Ashlee, BJ and Tahlia. Vic

My son was born 9 may 2005 by emergancy ceaser. 8lb 05 oz.


my son ryan was born on the 28/05/05. He was due on the 02/06/05 thank god he was early

Katrina (ryan 28/05/05) QLD

Hi Everyone
I have just discovered your group & hope you don't mind if i join in,i'll start off with my babys stats

NAME - Annie
DOB - 10-5-2005
WEIGHT - 7lb
LENGHTH - 48cm
MILK FEEDING - formula from 5 weeks of age
SOLID FEEDING - stated solids at 4.5 months starting with rice cereal & now eats 3 meals a day, weetbix in the morning, fruit or yoghurt at lunch & then vegies for dinner & pretty well any thing else she can get her hands on through the day ( loves milk arrowroot bickies & also watermelon) i got this great little contraption from big w that is like a teether with a little net pouch on the end which you put food into & bub can suck or chew on it & get the taste of different foods without the worry of choking, annie loves watermelon or ice in hers & just about jumps out of the high chair with excitement when she sees me coming with it.
TEETH - none yet
HAIR - just starting to get a little bit finally
EYES- blue
SITS ALONE - from six months
CRAWLS- started crawling last friday seven and a half months( into everything now very scary)
DAY SLEEPS - 1 to 1.5 in the morning & around 2 hours in the afternoon
NIGHT - Has slept through from 5 weeks of age, usually goes down for the night around eight-eight thirty & wakes up beween seven thirty & nine.(dream baby)
SOUNDS - bubba, mumma, dadda & blows kisses with her mouth
I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone, i hope you all had a great chrissy from Renee & Annie

Renee, NSW, (Annie 10/5/05)

hey this is lucy. Billy was born 5th May 2005. why is that?

Lucy, WA, Billy 8 months

my little girl was born on the 10th of May

sharon, QLD, 3 year old

Am I too late? I have just found this thread, and have only just started contributing to some posts in the last couple of weeks.

My youngest daughter Jazmyn was born 12.5.05 VBAC (vaginal delivery after Ceaser) she ended up only 3 days early but started contractions 3 days before that.

I also have an older daughter Gemma who is nearly 4yrs.

I have loved reading up on all the MAY babies. Jaz has just started crawling in the last week and has her 2 bottom teeth. Loves her food but not so keen on her bottles. She loves trying to follow her older sister around but as I haven't yet figured out how I am child proofing my house etc, I have to keep going to get her away from the stairs etc!

Look forward to reading more on the may babies!


Michelle, Mackay, 4yrs & 11mths

Hi, I had a gorgeous baby boy named Edan James on the 21st May 2005.

Selena, NSW


My baby was born back in May last year on the 17th!

Tara, Qld, 9mth baby

Hi Kerry!

How are you? My daughter (Giselle Amy) was born 23 May 05 (23/05/05). It has been great, and she's really a good baby! She's crawling now and trying to stand up, what an effort!
I'm proud to be a mum!
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