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Any May 2005 babies? Lock Rss

Hi Kerry,

My son Joel was born on 19/5/05. I thought 9 months is suppose to be a very nice age - But I havent different views. He has started tantrums already, and has constant wingeing and whining. He hasnt got any teeth yet. Is your little one at the whinging stage or is it just Joel?
Hi kKezzza4 my little boy Tyler was born on the 19 of May he weighed 7 pound10 was a healthly baby. Had him naturally at the Gold Coast Hosptial. Was he supposed to be bon on the 15th of May but was late. He is doing so well nearly working and going to kindy as I work her loves it.Hear from you soon. From Danica

Danni QLD

Hi there, im new to this so here goes...

my baby boy was born 14th may 05, after having been induced twice, my waters broke about 6pm on friday the 13th after being in hospital 2 days and sending my partner home to sleep, then it was all on and then after having vontuse and forceps he was born by emergency c-section, the poor darling got stuck, (he has his fathers head), and because i was too exhausted, by the time they prepped me for surgery i was almost asleep and i got the shakes, i think that was a shock thing,
didnt get any pain relief until the epedural when i was on the operating table, i didnt realise i had to ask for it not that i was in a state of mind to remember things like that,
he was due 30th april but was just too comfortable,
was almost born on friday 13th, but was born at 1:14 am
he was born at 10lbs 10oz or 4.835 kgs and 50cms long
we named him brayden as a kind of trubute to my partners step dad, and his middle names came from our grandparents
i bf him till he was 5 months old and swtiched to formula because my partner and i were going away on holiday to fiji's treasure island, (i had won a trip off the radio before he was born), and we werent taking him, we needed some 'us' time and his grandparents were more than happy to look after him, he was soo happy to see us when we got back though, ill always remember getting off the plane and seeing those chubby little arms reaching out for us,
he started teether just as we left and now has 7 teeth with another coming up, started crawling about 2 months ago and is causing havoc,
just starting to get his balance and walking around hanging on to the furniture,
we have just moved to a new house so his sleeping patterns have gone to dust and hes learning to cope in a new enviroment, going well though

anyway i think ive said enough for tonight
ciao all

if there is anyone in the central north island NZ area i would love to meet some people with babies around the same age as mine,
can email me to [email protected]

RotoruaNZ - Brayden May 05 & Lacey Dec 09

hi everyone!
my name is nicole i have a little girl named annabella she was born on the 10 of may. she was ment to be born on the 30 of april but was not interested in joining the world untill she was ready (no matter what we tryed) lol. but after 4 days of laybor she finaly dicided to enter the world. she is a real little person, i have a hard time remembering that she is only 11 months old. she is 12kg can walk and can say about 25 diferent words clearly and is full of aditude! my days are spent at play groups, mothers groups and swimming lessons. although i spend most of my days chaseing after her i still find it hard to sit and actuly talk to other mothers and would love to her all about other mothers and their babies and make friend with other peole with babies the sme age as bella. my addy is [email protected] i would realy love to chat with u all.
love nicole
Hi kerry yes my baby was born 10th May 2005 a little girl Jordan-Leigh , gee she will be one in just over a week its gone so fast but lovely and healthy and been walking since 9mths so ive had my work cut out but enjoy it hope to chat agin soon Debbie In WA

Debbie,WA 12mths girl

hello kerry!

we are getting a new computer soon so i hope that msn will start to work again for me.. i thought i would let you know that i have had my little man, he was born on the 3rd july, 7pounds 10 oz and we called him jaxon tyler, he is a great little boy but had to stay in hospital for a week with fluid or an infection on his lungs but he is healthy now and thats the main thing.. poppy has adjusted well to the new addition to the house which was my main concern.. anyway hope all is well with you and i hope to be on msn again soon and share some photos
my post went upstairs >:-<

Hi there, My little girl Ellie was born on the 25th of may 2005. She is going to be two soon. My email address is [email protected] if anyone would like to chat.
Hey Happy Birthday. To all our little toddlers that are going to be 2 soon or that are already 2. My little boy Tyler is having a party at home with family and friends.We will be having a bbq and party food.His bday is the 19th of May and thats when his party is.My little man is becoming a real little boy and he is so cute.Hope they are all going well your little toddlers.Cheers from Danni

Danni QLD

Hi Danni

OMG I'm lost on this message board now???

Krystalee was 2 on Tuesday 15th May. She had a very nice birthday.

I hope Tyler has a fantastic birthday on 19th May!!!

love & hugs

Kerry, WA

Hi Peady

I have to admit I'm absolutely lost now on the message borad!!!

If you would like to join a group of us May 2005 mummies pls email me ***

I also would like to wish Ellie a very happy birthday for 25th May!!!

love & hugs

Kerry, WA

Hi Lawissa

Sorry I've taken so long to reply to your post. I'm not getting updates from H any more to any posts on this thread.

And, I'm also totally lost on this new message board!!!! What have they done???

Glad to hear Jaxon is doing ok & that Poppy is too.

I hope Poppy has a terrific birthday on 23rd May!!!!

And, it will be great to see you back on the MSN May babies group!!!!! I can't wait until I can get a new pc too!!!! A little while to go yet though.

love & hugs

Kerry, WA

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