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Any May 2005 babies? Lock Rss

Oops I'm very late in wishing all May 2005 babies/toddlers a very happy 2nd birthday!!! Better late than never I suppose!!!

love & hugs to all

Kerry, WA

Hi Debbie

My sincere apologies for my late reply to your post. I haven't been receiving posts from H & had no idea that this thread had become so popular again!!!

I hope Jordan-Leigh had a fantastic birthday on 10th May!!!!

I'm not sure if I mentioned to you before about a group of us May 2005 mummies.............if you would like to join pls email me ***

It's a lot easier to follow than this is??? And you can post pics etc.

love & hugs

Kerry, WA

We have a secret facebook page for May 2005 babies now if anyone is interested in joining us smile

Kerry, WA

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