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Early Teether Lock Rss

Hi all,

My little man is 11 weeks old and has deffinately been teething for the last week. So on to the question how do I make him comfortable. He is too young fot Bonjela (says on the pack not for babies under 4 months), I can't seem to find a teething ring small enoughfor him to get in his mouth properly and I don't want to give him panadol all the time. Any suggestions?

Tarja was doing the same thing and i used bonjela on her gums. the health nurse said it was ok and it really seemed to help, without using panadol.

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Hi, yeah i too used bonjela but also try putting a dummy in the freezer (if your baby takes a dummy).

Thanks for the help.....

I will try a little bonjela and putting his dummy in the fridge/freezer to cool down.

Chewing on anything really helps... My oldest had 2 teeth by 13 weeks and my youngest had 2 by 15 weeks.

Anything they could get into there mouth helped. even soft toys. They only need a small amount in there mouth to help as it only at the front. Cooling things (as said above) is supposed to work well too but it didn't bother my kids either way. room temp or cold may no difference. Be careful putting stuff in freezer though as it can give cold burn to the gums and make it worse. Best just to use fridge

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Hi my daughter's teeth started coming down at twelve weeks and I used SM33 on her gums, it doesn't have anything to say not to use under 4 months. This worked with her and I didn't need to use as much panadol. I also used it with my 4 year old son although he wasn't as much of a sook as she is. Try using a wet face washer this has been useful as she can shew on the cloth and it's cool enough for relief and not too cold to hurt more. Hope this helps.
My son is 17 weeks and has 3 teeth (first came at 11 weeks) and has 6 more cutting at once. (Poor bub!) All his teeth are canines and molars (trust Leo to do things backwards!lol) and I too gave him bonjela at 11 weeks. It didn't help him at all. Fortunately he's been really good about it and has only grizzled twice. But I found that a wash cloth dipped in cooled boiled water was what helped him the most. He'd just chew on it for a while looking sad, and then he'd be ok.
Also, I went to a healthfood store and found some mallow root chews (they look like rusks). It may be a little early for that, but keep it in mind for when he's a little older. (they numb the gums as they bite down on them and are all natural and organic - but not generally a good idea until they start solids).
Hi, My son is 14 weeks this week and is showing some teething signs. A friend of mine uses a teething dummy that she got from Big W. Looks like a dummy but the silocon part is on each side instead of the middle so it sits between their gums. You can put them in the fridge and is good to spread bonjella on first if bub wont let you put your finger in his/her mouth. I have spoken to a few mum's about this and some it worked for and some it didnt so luck of the draw I guess.

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My little girl has been teething early too. I used the bonjela and she had no problem. There are also some natural products you can get safe for babies as young as new born in health food shops.

Hope your getting enough rest through this time... Its very difficult.



My boy is 13 weeks and there is a tooth poking up on the bottom =(

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