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10 month old baby has EIGHT this normal? Lock Rss

My 10 month old baby has 8 teeth now and they are 4 up and 4 down. He has been drooling a lot for the past month. He always sticks his index finger onto his gum. He has been very cranky and clingy. I used to be able to just put him into his crib and he would fall asleep. Now he would cry for about 20 minutes before he would go to bed at night. This behavior has been going on for about a month.

Is this what teething would do to our baby??? How long does teething last?

Hi happyboy,
My 10 month old has 6 teeth, four on top and two on the bottom. He's also been drooling a lot this week so I'm expecting some more anytime now.

When my son cuts a tooth he generally has more trouble sleeping (generally self settles at every sleep/nap time) and likes me to roll him on his side and just place my hands on his shoulder and hip while he goes to sleep.

Have you tried any teething gel yet?
[Edited on 13/06/2008]

Hi there

Teething is pretty horrible for you and your baby, Im not sure how long it last for but I am guessing until their teeth are through. My doctor told me it is like having a tooth ache so you can imagine the pain the poor little one is in. I have found that baby panadol works for a longer period of time but baby Neurofen works pretty much straight away. Mine at the moment hasnt been drinking his bottle if its warm he likes it a bit coolish, must be nicer on the gums.

Hope that helps.
My 8 month old has 7 teeth she got her first one when hse was 4 1/2 months.. All babies get teeth at different times..

My 6 month DD has 4 teeth with 5 and 6 on the way. She has her front bottom two and her top pointy ones (k9??). The ones she is getting now are her first top molars so the poor thing looks like a vampire at the moment I hope she gets her front top ones soon.

Teething lasts for about 2-3 years depending how long they take . Some kids might have all their teeth by 1 but all the kids I know are still teething at 2 the poor little buggers.

My lil girl is 9months and her bottom tooth is 1/4 out you can feel it but not see it, she dosnt sleep as well as she used to and wants to sleep in our bed. we tried putting some music on and she fell back asleep smile YAAAY

I think my little boy (twin brother) is going to get his first tooth as he also puts his index finger on his botton gums and bites ANYTHING smile

twins smile

Hey... My dd is 11 months and has just had the 1st of her molars through - she was very grizzly last night, it was a lot worse than the rest of her teeth!! But this morning I felt it and it has finally broke through (took about 2 weeks) it was her 9th... She also had the 4 top and bottom, so we have another 3 molars to go!! Oh the joy of teething!!

Hey happyboy
My six month old has about six teeth (cant tell you the exact amount - she wont let me open her mouth 4 that long). And none of them are the usual top and bottom middle ones. She started teething when she was about 12 weeks. Some of the teeth she has are her back molars. And yes they drool ALOT when they are teething. Also my daughters cheeks were bright red ALL the time

My DD was only 8 months when she had 8 teeth and now she is getting 4 more. I've found that her teething hasn't really stopped since it started but I've gotten used to the upset baby and I do what I can to help her settle although most of the time I find that she can still do it herself.


Hayley''s going to be a big sister smile EDD 3.3.10

It can take weeks for a tooth to come through, it can even be months of on and off grumpiness to do with teeth without necessarily seeing any then all of a sudden 2 will show up. My DD was 15 months when she got her molars, she got very sick with a huge temp for about 5 days straight then about 10 days after she first got sick, out came 2 molars then a few days later the other 2 came took months before they were fully out too. We are not so eagerly awaiting her 2nd molars now, she turned 2 a couple of weeks ago. Oh I wish it was over with already!

Hi my 10month old already has 16teeth, as for it being normal for your 10month old to have 8 i would say that its normal for them to have some teeth, it just depends on how you and your partner teethed as a child, if for example you had 8 teeth or a similar number at the same age then thats normal. Teething happens at different rates every child is different. Just do what i do and be thankful that its happening quickly and the pain will be over soon.
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