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Eye teeth first??? Lock Rss

My 3.5 month old is teething but when I put my finger in his mouth there are really hard little bumps where his eye teeth will be. Is it normal to get these teeth first, or are there anyu babies/mums out there that have had this hapen to them? I can also see where the bottom two are showing through his gums, but there are definate bumps up top.

Also - he's not drinking as much as usual. He's breast fed and often only wants one side when he first wakes up, and not the other side before naps like he used to. Is this normal?
HI there

my son now 7mths got his canine teeth first(5 and abit mths) then his front bottom, just waiting on the top. Seems like all 4 top teeth are there his gums are so swollen. so hopefully they will pop soon. Well lets hope anyway he is really cranky and now not sleeping well at night. He has been on and off his food and milk as well.

Sheree - mum to Tomas & Jye

i have a similar scenario, but my daughter is now nearly 7 months, and still no teeth, but round the 3.5 months she got a lump which im sure was an eye tooth, and i asked alot of people if it was a tooth(she is my 1st).she didnt stop sleeping or go off food, but it did cause quite a bit of pain for not sure whats happening with her at the moment, doesnt seem to be any teeth coming through but she chews the life out of everything including my fingers and her dummy.the tooth seems to have gone back up in the gum, but it did that months ago and hasnt come back this what normally happens?help please!!
my daughter started getting her eye teeth first, at around 3.5 months aswell. Her gums were red and swollen, she dribbled so much, constantly chewed her hand and went off her milk for a few days. Then it all calmed down and the teeh went back up again - now at 5 months they are back again. I have heard this is commen, they will come up and down a few times.
well its a funny scenario here,
im sure my gorgeous girl is suffering from the same(yes the one and only eye tooth), that went back up in the gum, but now seems to have come back down again, theres a lump there, and shes very irritable and cranky, plus everything(and i mean everytihng)is chewable at the moment, as long as it takes her fancy.although i must say, unless i just havent picked up on it, her gums dont seem too swollen, but maybe i just cant tell as i dont get much chance to see/feel them before shes trying to chomp on my hand.a while ago, when the one thats causing the hassle now 1st started coming through, i couldve sworn i felt a lump where the other eye tooth would come through, but it doesnt seem to have made an appearance.i must say, a lovely surprise for a 1st tooth, not!!
My DS had lumps where his eye teeth are up the top since 3.5months. He is nearly 7mths and they are still not through. Every few weeks or so, the lumps become red and he irritable, then it settles again. Who knows!!!

Im in the same boat i think my boy is 3 months and can feel something were his eye teeth are and hes been real grumpy the last few days. How long does it last?

Carlyle =

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