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1 YEAR - NO TEETH Lock Rss

Just a quick question - my daughter will be one in two weeks, she only has her two bottom teeth, and shes had them for about 4 months now - my son had a mouth full by 1..

i was talking to my mum before and she thinks something may be wrong and to get her checked out - now im all worried... any help??
Hi if you are worried talk to you HCN or you GP.
I have a friend her little girl is 9 half months old she got none.
Sorry not much help. Amanda.

I wouldn't be too worried if I was you! My little gummy man of 15 months (yes 15 months old) has only just cracked his first 2 teeth in the last 2 days. His fathers side of the family all got their teeth after 14 months and they have really good strong teeth (my partner had his first filling at 36). I checked with one of our friends (who happens to be a dentist) and he said it was nothing to worry about, they would come when they were ready. He also said it may be a little more painful as his gums will have toughened up with chewing. Good luck!!
I'm sure you will find that there is nothing wrong. Get her checked for peace of mind though. I hear that the later the teeth the stronger they are so that is definietly a benefit!!!
My litte guy is exactly the same. He's 1 today and has just two bottom teeth, which he has had for precisely 4 months. I'm not concerned at all. In fact I'm glad, he's bf, so with just two he doesn't bite and also, before they emerge they are safe from decay. We have enough drama brushing just the two he has, anymore and tooth brushing time would get ugly smile


I wouldn't worry my Ds is 1 in 3 weeks and only has his 2 bottom teeth too and he has only had them for about a month. They will come when they are ready hopefully he will have given up the boob by then as he has just started having a chomp and it is painful with just the 2 couldn't imagine a mouthful.

Froggi - HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your DS, it is scary how fast it goes.

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