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9 months, no teeth, starting to worry Lock Rss

Hi, My 9 months old son has no teeth yet!
there are no signs of anything breaking through the gum.
he has been drooling, putting hands and toys in his mouth since he was 4 months. I thought something would have happened by now. he has reached all his other milestones within the right age bracket.
should i be worried about him?
I honestly wouldn't worry too much about it at this stage. My 9 month old girl has no teeth either, although I do think I can see a little something. Funnily enough, it's not the bottom 2, I think I see a fang at the top.
My nephew didn't get teeth til he was over 1. And when he did get teeth, they appeared in a strange order. He only got his 2 bottom teeth a little while ago....he is 2 in July!
Like I said, don't stress. If nothing happens by 15 months, I've been told you should get some xrays to make sure there are teeth there.
I wouldn't worry. My DS has two teeth (he's almost 9months), others in my mums group are like yours & have none & some have lumps all over their gums with 6teeth!! They are all around the same age, only a few days apart most of them. Every baby is different. I have read that some babies don't get any teeth till about 12months!! Which apparently is normal!! I'd not worry too much - when my DS teeth came through it was traumatic, so it might be nicer to have it hold off for a bit!! It's not fun!!!!!

I would only start worrying if there were no signs of teeth at 15+months like PP said..
Children don't go by any kind of book - they just do what they do, so don't worry over the little stuff you can't control!
Some kids don't get their first teeth until well after the 12month mark..
hey, my nearly 11 month old hasnt got any teeth yet either!
he is forever chewing on things. every one reckons cause he hasnt got any yet that they will all come all at once. but i dont know...
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My DD is 9 months and doesn't have teeth yet either. She started having pain at 10 weeks and we thought that meant she'd get her teeth early, but obviously we were wrong. I wouldn't worry, from everyone elses posts it seems quite normal.
DD1 didn't get her first tooth until she was 12.5 months.
DD2 got hers at 6 months.. so I woudn't worry just yet smile
No teeth in my 9mth old either smile her sister was 4mths when she got her 1st tooth, they're all sooo different!

Hi I have a friend & her girl just turned 1 on the weekend
& she has no teeth.
I feel don't worry but if you feel talk to your GP about it.

I wouldnt worry about it. Babies do things at there own time. DD10yrs had 20 teeth by 10 months she started at 3 weeks and got 4 at a time. DD almost 8 months doesnt have any yet and i dont think she will have any for a while but she is dribbling and chewing on things so who knows.

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he has reached all his other milestones within the right age bracket.

Whilst exciting for parents, getting a first tooth (or getting the final milk teeth, or any in between) is NOT a developmental milestone. Milestones are when a baby learns to do something new (like rolling over, crawling, etc). Getting a tooth does not fit this category.

Most (read MOST, not ALL, as demonstrated by a PP) babies get their first tooth somewhere between 8 weeks old, and 16 months old. The age brackets given both for natural physiological development, and developmental milestones are averages only. If you remember from high school maths, an average is calculated by adding all the different values within the normal range, and dividing it by the total number of values used in the calculation. So this means that "average" is some babies get teeth really early, some get them a lot later (but still normal), and the rest get them in between. Somewhere, some "expert" has taken a range of ages that a bunch of "normal" babies have got their first teeth at, added them up, divided it by the number of babies in their study group, and come up with an average. HOWEVER, very few of those babies, if any, would have actually got their first tooth at the exact age that the calculation "predicts". In other words, "average" is for the most part completely meaningless. It is an impersonal statistic that knows NOTHING about your individual baby, their environment, their genetics, etc, etc, etc. All they do is make parents unduly proud if their baby performs to the average, or make parents unduly worried if they don't!

End rant.

hi there,

i've read that theres only need to worry if they reach 12 months and still no teeth. If that happens you should take bubs to see the local dentist.
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