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Bonjela? Lock Rss

Taylah is showing signs of teething wink]

I was saying to a friend the other day what should i do (being clueless first time mum) and a friend suggested Bonjela and also said just use it dont listen to what people have said its fine to use???

Another friend also told me DONT USE IT and she was very strong about this.

So my question is what is wrong with Bonjela??
its still on the shelves. i saw it at the chemist 3 days ago and at coles yesterday.
i believe its fine.

a very small number of people (i think it was something like 3) ended up with some rare brain damage or something and it just so happened that they had used bonjela before it occurred.

i have been using it on ashlee her whole life, i used it as a baby and every tom, dick and harry i know have used it.

i will continue to use it until there is "proof" that it is in fact deadly.

its been around for decades. when i can have solid evidence that its bad, i'll reconsider.

If your daughter is in pain, give her some bonjela.
there are other alternatives out there like the hylands teething tablets but my daughter spits these out.
apparently ora-sed gel or something of a similar name is available at the chemist.

You're in Nz right?

Weleda teething powder has worked really well for us. We also use bonjela - as a second option if hes really bad and paracetamol as a last resort. We rarely need the last two options.

I also give him iced water and cold apples from the fridge to chomp his gums on. We also have a few teething rings and what not. also a metal teaspoon thats been in the freezer is good too. And last but not least mummy's bone carving is great to chew on too, has teething marks from both DS and our neice teething on it (character marks lol)

Love my boys M-10/05/08 J-01/12/09

it has aspirin type stuff in it which you CAN overdose on but you'd have to have the whole tube or something!

Here is the link to a newspaper article regarding bonjela.

I have asked at 2 seperate chemists and have had the same response that it is a precautionary measure and there is no real danger. You must use it to the recommended does which off memory is every 3 hours and not to use it if your child has a temperature.

In regards to bonjela mouth ulcer and bonjela teething gel, both have the same ingredients so it makes no difference.

The best thing to do if you have any concerns is to ask your pharmacist and get peace of mind for yourself.

If you are still not comfortable using it, there are plenty of other great natural products on the market such as Brauer Teething formula and I also use a Amberbede necklace that I think works a treat. My son is currently cutting 4 teeth at a time and he is wearing the necklace and seems to not be having to much trouble. I definately notice the days I forget to put it on him.

Hope this helps.

I did use Bonjela until I heard the story. There are alternatives out there, so as a precaution I am using those instead.

Weleda teething powder is really good, it settles DD down right away. I also used an Amber teething necklace when she was younger. It didn't really help much with the other symptoms but it stopped her dribbling really well. Weleda is all natural, mostly chamomille I think.

I heard Bonjela has been banned in the UK... I ma be wrong about that though. Apparently it caused brain damage to some babies.

I would use Brauers Teething Relief. It worked a lot better than Bonjela for us.
I researched bonjela after the recent media reports. What I found was that the UK version of Bonjela does not have the choline Salicitate. For this reason the reports say that the baby version of bonjela is ok. However, if you look on the AUS baby version it does have choline salicitate which ahs the aspirin in it. Therefore you need to make your own call.

They have never linked bonjela to rhyes disease but they have linked aspirin. 3 babies in the uk had a severe reaction to the bonjela and a few cases of diarrea and vomiting was reported. That is why the reports have been made. Aspirin has been linked to rheyes disease. There has been no cases of rheyes disease in AUS for so long that I could find anyway. Therefore it has to be ind. parents call. It could be a similar scenario to the PBA in baby bottles in that studies will continue to come out. With the PBA it keeps getting worse but maybe with the bonjela it might be a false alarm.

I chose to not use it as I have opted for the natural products like Brauers teething releif and the hylands tablets but it is one of those things. Only you can decide with what information you are given.

Anyway I thought you might find some of this info helpful.
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