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9months and no teeth Lock Rss

I don't know when they'll come through i could see 1 at 5 months and it's completely gone, should i be worried?
I wouldn't be too concerned if I were you. My daughter got her first tooth at around 11 months. She is now 1 and she has 2 bottom ones and her top 2 are cutting through now smile

Don't worry they will come through when they are ready. My DD is almost 10 months old and only got her first 2 teeth at 9 months old. Enjoy one less job while you can ... as soon as they come through you will be brushing teeth every day!
I use to worry about DS not having any teeth by 6 months, but I left it and thought it will happen eventually. He's 10 months tomorrow and last night his first tooth was cutting through, poor little man but that's the way it. I wouldn't worry about it, they have to come out sooner or later.
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