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Early Teething?? Lock Rss

My DD is almost 3.5months (15weeks i think i am not sure) and the last couple of days its like she has pms she is just nasty.

She has a fever that i am struggling to keep down and bright red cheeks. She is slobbering everywhere and EVERYTHING is going in the mouth.

If she were a few months older i would feel confident to say she was teething but isnt this a bit young?

my daughter is 14 weeks today - for the past month she has dribbled non stop and been putting hands into mouth - even when not hungry....

2 days ago the first bottom tooth cut thru - today her second bottom tooth cut thru - so at 3 months she has 2 teeth!!!
it is early - my son teethed at 8months and my nephew at 7months

but yes - she could def be teething!!
There isn't a rule to say when they should get them, some babies are born with them. my little DS is 8mths and we have 8 teeth now.

All i can say is you are MUM and you know when your baby isn't right! I had so many clinic nurses tell me i was dreaming when i said my DS is teething but i was right, he had his first at 15wks.

I thought I was dealing with this too when DD was young(er) but I ended up taking her to the dr and it turned out to be an ear infection. sad

Dont want to scare you, but i just thought that it might be worth a trip to the doc if you are really concerned. He/She might even be able to confirm to you that it is just symptoms of teething, and not anything else.
[Edited on 17/07/2009]

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