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Fangs cutting through? Is this normal??? Lock Rss

My little boy, is just over 4 months old and is teething (has been for about 2 months now). I have started to notice that it has been his 'fangs', top and bottom, that seemed to be raising. I figured they'd push up a bit and go back down, I was told they do that, but today I noticed that his top-right fang has pretty much cut through.
I was under the misconception that it was the bottom front teeth to come through first.
Has anyone else had teeth come through like this??

Bub's are all different with my experience with my son whos 10 months now he got his first tooth at 6 month bottom right then he got his bottom left not long after now he just cut his two top right teeth and the left side there is nothing..

It all depends, they say there is an order but none of my friend who have babies have cut in the so called "correct" order.

My son's top tooth also raised alot and was brusied and bright purple for a few days.


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