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How can you help baby cut their first tooth? Lock Rss

My 8 month old boy has been teething for the last couple of months and still nothing has come through. The last few days have been a nightmare as he has been waking up at night crying. It's so heart breaking to see this and not being able to help. Is there any way we can help him to cut his first tooth?

I'm not really sure there is anything you can do to help.Just give him some pamol if you really think he needs it and lots of things to chew on.

My mum said that in the old days they used to cut the gum with their nails.Ouch, that sounds horrible to me.

I know what you are going through. I have found that the last couple of nights I had to give my daughter panmol to help her get through the night. I also have been giving her a teething ring to chew on and using bonjela which helps a little.

I find it really hard when she just cries continuously and only wants to have cuddles with me. You really do feel for them.

Good luck.
i have the same problem..i have an 8 month old daughter who has been teething for over 2 months an nothing has came thru i find that using curash teething gel helps a little and so does honey on her dummy when she wakes up screaming also when she sleeps with me and just snuggles in helps alot i dont like doing it but it just helps her relax and sleep...and because of her heart condition i can give her panadol but nothing else which is really hard i find that panadol does nothing for if anyone else knows anything else that i can do to help a tooth pop thru please let me know, thanks
try weledas teething powder its the best, works better than bonjela you can get it from any health shop
I'd be checking there isnt something else up, by that I mean take him to the Dr.

They dont "teeth" for months on end with no teeth coming through.

Also you shouldnt give honey to a baby under 12 months due to botulism... not to mention tooth decay when the teeth do actually come through.

I didnt notice either of my girls were teething till the teeth actually popped through the gums, all babies are different but teething doesnt generally cause enormous pain or being unsettled for 2 months.
Hey smile Our girl was teething a 1.5 months old and nothing seemed to help but pamol and at times rubbing one of our fingers firmly on her gums, as she wasn't old enough to use a teething ring.
She didn't get a tooth till 3 months so that was very hard on her to teeth for that long, let alone months on end like your poor boy sad

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