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First tooth at 3 months! Lock Rss

Hey all,
Bella is 3 months 2 weeks and had her first tooth come through a few days after she was 3 months,
has anyone else had their bub teeth this early?
no probs with it either, barely ever cries etc,
so doing really well

Thanks smile

my sons teeth came at 3 months also then he walked at 10months so ur little one might do the same

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Yes were going through this atm. Michael had a tooth come through at 12 weeks and 3 weeks later it has gone back down again! I felt so bad when I couldn't work out y he was soo grizlly for a couple of days. I never thought to check for a tooth at only 3 months : (
aww sad
poor thing! how's he handling it?
Bella has got 2 teeth now ( 2nd came at 3 and a half months) and is still having a bit of trouble as she has 4 more slowly coming through sad

Weve had no luck with the tooth actually coming through yet! it came back up and went down again : ( he's finding it painful and is always trying to stick his whole hand in his mouth. If it gets really bad I give him panadol or make his dummy cold for him. My poor little guy
I think my little girl is 13 weeks now and getting her first tooth too but she isnt quite old enough to grab things and keep them in her hand so I cant give her anything to chew, she keeps knawing at her hands and Im not sure about that, did anyone else have this problem???

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My eldest daughter cut hers at 3 months.

My 12 week old daughter cut her first tooth last week! And its a bottom canine! so totally out of order, she is teething really bad and has very swoolen and red gums. Started very early sad

Mum to Campbell (7) Kaitlyn (2) and Pippa (newborn

Hi Emskie31 : )
yep I had this problem too. Sometimes I would just just hold a teething ring up to his mouth for him or give a cooled dummy (if your happy to give a dummy) there's not much else you can do (sorry) but at 4 months they can have Bonjela which may help a little bit.
My Daughter is only 2 months and already has two teeth.(just broke through a week ago sad)
i was just abot to ask this exact question!!!! my son will be 10 weeks on thursday and i think he is teething.... all the teething signs,,, grumbly, swolen gums, drooly... was thinking this can not be possible, but after reading this, i'm convinced he is.... will keep an eye out for teethies....


Hi All,

My little girl Bree who is now 4 months is teething. The same it is the canines 3 of them coming through. But I have a feeling that they moving up and down which makes it worse. She is pretty clingy but not to bad and still sleeps all night.
I wasn't to sure but now that I have read the other forums it makes a bit more sense.

ps my son didn't get them until he was 8 months old....
my little boy (now 3 months) cut his first tooth at 9-10 week sold. it was his fruit tooth. the second fruit tooth came into the gum last week but has goen up again. i found it hard when hes teething as hes not old enough to chew on teethers..i juz numb his gum with sum ice!!

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