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Gap between top teeth Lock Rss

My DD's top teeth are half-way through and there's an enormous gap between them! I was a bit shocked as no-one in our family has a gap.

Do you think it will narrow a bit? Will her adult teeth have a big gap aswell?

I know it's nothing serious, just want to hear from some other mums.

My DD has a gap bewteen her top front teeth, I had 1 with my baby teeth but not adults, my brother didnt have it with baby teeth but got a gap with his adults.....few of my family members on both mum & dads side have them....Im hoping that if she has it with her baby teeth she wont with her adult...although like you said, no big deal!


my son is 9 months and has a big gap too - but so did his dad with his baby teeth - his adult ones are perfect. I guess its just a wait and see what happens.
my 12 months old ds has a gap to. It was alot worse to begin with but seems to have closed up a little. He has huge front teeth to. When i first noticed it i went through some magazines and noticed alot of babies had this gap to. I think once the other teeth come down it should close them in a bit. if not, then when the adult teeth come through it should be ok.
My DS has 'picket fence' teeth. He's got quite a large gap between most of his teeth. I reckon I could almost fit a 50c coin between his 2 front At least there's plenty of space for big teeth when he gets em.

DD has nice tightly packed teeth, with minimal gaps.

My sis (now 8) had quite gappy teeth, and now that her adult teeth are all coming thru, the gaps are all closing up.

Ben 25/10/06 + Erin 10/9/08

My DS also had gappy teeth but his front two have closed up but the rest are still quite gappy. He is now 3. My Uncle is a dentist and says its better to have gappy baby teeth coz then when his adult teeth come thru there will be enough room for them.
If there is no gaps now and are already very close they might have trouble later when the big teeth come thru.
But dont quote me... All mouths are differnet and anything can happen.

So dont worry....
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