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Teething rusks @ 4months?? Lock Rss

Well it was confirmed last week that my 4mth old baby girl is teething!! I was just wondering if i can give her some teething rusks to chew on? or should i wait til she's eating foods?

No you need to wait until 6 months + as baby's can have very sharp strong jaws and if she takes a bite out of it she could choke on it. Try welada teething powder or those teething toys/rings you can buy that have liquid in them freezing them or putting them in the fridge can help alot.
My little man is teething (he is 5 1/2 mths) and I have given him teething rusks but stay right there with him, he loses interest quite quickly and doesn't even get the rusk mushy. Good luck
[Edited on 18/12/2009]
That is such a good question. My baby will be 4 months on 7th Jan, and she has been teething for over two weeks (Yes, teething!!). She's been constantly dribbling and shoving anything she can get her little hands on into her mouth. I tried the gel teething toys, but she can't seem to get a good grip on them. I try to hold it for her, but she doesn't like that either. She's so little, I think they're too big to go in her mouth at this stage.
I was told my community nurse who visited weekly that teething rusks shld only be given at 6 months n even then only under supervision as the baby can choke. She told me of a baby who stuck one so far into his throat he choked and turned blue. So scary...So anyway I wld wait my baby is 5mnths and I think I will even wait past then as he is not holding his rattles very well yet.

i gave my son rusks when he was 4months old and he wasnt eating solids yet. just use it as a last resort and watch baby carefully, i held him and the rusk so i had control.
Hi, my bub is almost 4 months old, been giving him a rusk to chew for last few weeks. i stay with him and strictly monitor him. loves it!!! helps heaps gives his hands and anything else that comes into contact with his mouth a rest. Those teeth can not be far away.
i gave my DS a rusk at 5 months as he got his first 2 teeth then, i mostly held the rusk while he sucked/chewed a bit but he would only make a little dint in it and wouldnt be interested anymore, just be careful letting them hold it as they would probably get the sucking reflex going and make a PP said go sa far down their throat and choke.

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