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teething and breastfeeding Lock Rss

My DD2 is 12 weeks old and over the last day or 2 has started really fussing badly for most feeds.
Sometimes its like she really wants to feed but keep pulling off and most of the time it is not a supply issue, I can hand express milk out so it is there.
I took her to the doc in case it was oral thrush but apparently it is not.
Also she often plays with her ears either while feeding or while trying to go back to sleep.
No other signs of teething at all, so just not sure!

I am having very similar symptoms in my 7mth old atm, I think he is teething. I actually had to cuddle him to sleep tonight, and i NEVER have to do that, he normally settles very well

Sorry I no help, just hope both our bubs settle soon!!

I hope so too smile
I have never breastfed a teething baby so don't know what to expect!
She has been hard to settle back to sleep including after her night feed,maybe it is teething.
What do you do when/if they bite you when feeding?

i have no experience sorry, DS is #1 for me, but someone else has posted in the past that they push bub into boob for a second so they hav to let go to breathe. i was going to try unlatching with finger n putting him on floor first??

Sorry, cant help you here

My DS gets fussy with feeds, and generally grumpy while teething. He's just cut his 5th tooth.

As for the biting, he has bitten me a couple of times. Firstly before his first teeth cut which was bad enough, but then he has bitten me twice with teeth. It was only while the teeth were new, though - maybe he was just getting used to them. I handled it by putting my finger in his mouth to get him off without damage and telling him no. I put him on the floor once, but he was absolutely distraught, so the other times I just put my boob away for a minute.

They can't bite while actually suckling, so there is no suction to break. DS didn't actually chomp down and hold on like a bulldog lol, more just a little nip ... then he smiled at me, little monkey.

I tried not to over-react as I didn't want to frighten him. It took a couple of times, but he hasn't bitten for several months now.
My little man has just got his first teeth coming though and for the couple of months he has been really weird and being fussing when he is having his feeds and samuel is also breastfeed and when he doesnt want it I just give him the gel for his gums and padadol and he also has a dummy and than roll him to sleep and thats settles him down and he nearly chews his fingers off cause when he is teething he put his fingers in his mouth so I know when he is teething.

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

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