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when shoud my 81/2 month old get more teeth? Rss

im just wondering when my DD should get more teeth?
she has her botton 2,she got them at about 6 1/2-7 months.
she is always biting n dribbling,and when i try 2 feel her top gums she wont let me...
any advise or info would be really appreciated smile
They'll come when they're ready! smile
And not always in the order you might expect!
My first DS had 2 bottom teeth and two top 'fangs' when he was 6mths! He gnawed EVERYTHING! You should see the cot! His middle top ones came through not long after.
DS 2 had two top and two bottom by about 7mths
DS 3 had 4 top and 4 bottom by 6mths!!
Every child is different and there are no set 'rules' as to when they'll come.
Sometimes they might even seem like they're coming out then disappear, come and go again, then, BAM...TEETH!! grin
It won't affect how they eat or anything...even a toothless baby can gum a rusk to pieces!
Hmm...not much help really am I! tongue

All babies are different when it comes to teething.
Bub teeth started off coming throw when they were meant too (going by a teething chart i got) then nothing till he was 13 months. Now at almost 16 months he getting more.
Bub will not let us look into his mouth unless he either laughing or sleeping.

Don't worry when the teeth are ready they will come throw.

HI, My DD1 was 12 months before she got first 2 teeth and then got 2 top ones at 15 months, then next 4 all at once at 18 months. So it's hard to say when teeth will come. I think as long as all teeth are through by the time a child is 3 is normal.

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