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amber beads... Lock Rss

im totally not into all that voodoo and natural garbage.

BUT my son has been wearing an amber beads neclace since he was just over 5 months old he is now 6months old. he wears it all the time. i put it through the top and the 2nd button on his pj's at night so he cant get it caught on anything.

anyway he has 3 teeth now. 2 bottom and 1 top and so far he hasnt had ANY signs of teething. he hasnt been grumpy. he hasnt seemed sore....
if i couldnt see them i would NEVER know he had teethed.

either hes an angel child. or maybe those amber beads work? any one else think they work??
Thanks - I'm going to buy some this week!!

I've heard good things about them, but keep putting off the purchase because they're not cheap and there's no guarantee they'll work!! I was also concerned about the chocking risk, but putting them through button holes is a great idea.

I know of two people who use them and definately think they work.
Our little girl has been wearing hers since she was 4 months (she is just under 6 months now) as we went through a few weeks of her not drinking or sleeping. She has hers on all day but I take it off at night (bit worried about choking) after about 30mins of putting it on in the morning she calms right down. No signs of teeth as of yet but I think the beads really help. I got mine off ebay for around $20, and I think it was worth every cent grin
Our 5mo wears hers during the day usually and you can tell when she isn't wearing them, but we still end up with the Pamol and Bonjela. It cuts her drooling right down but she still has screaming fits. It seems that she either has really good or really bad days with them, whereas without them shes a bit more evened out..if that makes sense!
Just curious, I actually thought that the child was supposed to chew on them.... and thats what helped. Its interesting, Im a kindy teacher and I have seen heaps of kids with them on. My daughter was a nightmare with her teeth and now I have infant twins Im keen to try them when they start teething.
I purchased a necklace for my son and he has been wearing it for bout 4 days now.
I'm beginning to wonder if they are working though. He has been an absolute horror the last two days. Though I will admit he had red cheeks the two days he was at daycare (he doesn't wear it there) and they are no longer red. And his rough chin has cleared up.
But he has still been quite miserable today ... I think the two top front teeth are coming through.

So I'm still questioning about whether they are working.

Cooper 24-7-2009

I have amber beads for DD and I think they do help.

I really noticed a big difference in her behaviour and temperament when I started using Hylands homeopathic teething tablets though. IMO they are the absolute best thing for teething. I also use Brauer teething relief liquid and Seda Gel if she is really unsettled.
No, I can't believe I was sucked into that crap, waste of money.
Ive never heard of amber beads, how are they supposed to work?
i dont really know how they are ment to work but im too scared to take my DS ones off as he has been such an angel. hasnt got sick. hasnt been sore with teething. has slept through every night since 8 weeks. etc etc etc

however they work.... they seem too.

Ive never heard of amber beads, how are they supposed to work?

Body heat is suppose to release oils which contain succinic acid from the amber beads to releive pain. However amber has a high melting point and poor solubility. Amber doesn't soften until 150 degrees C and melts at well over 200 degrees. It's very unlikely that these oils could become soluble at such low temperatures like body heat. There is also been no scientific evidence to back up amber teething beads as all studies have been inconclusive.

It's just pseudoscience, and all comes down to the power of suggestion.
yes totally its up to you to wheather you think they will help. Science can't prove that they can do anything but then science can't prove that lots of naturopathy works either and lots and lots of people use natropathy to help them rather than medicine. I say this as a science teacher, so I'm a true believer of the science of how things work.

However, my DD1 has been wearing her necklace since she was 3 months old and we have only had minor issues when her eye teeth came in. She is now getting her 2 year old molars and one just came through without any issues. She is more than capable of telling us she is in pain now and she has only said "ouch" to me a couple times when I have been brushing her teeth in regards to her molars. She wears this necklace 24/7, I too freaked out about her choking on it but since she has been wearing it so long she doesn't either notice she has it on and never plays with it (they are not meant to be chewed on). In fact she lost her first necklace recently so we replaced it and its shorter than her last one which is great as she can't get it into her mouth now anyway. I just put DD2 one on her the other day as she started to show signs of teething.
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