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SUPER bad nappy rash since 1st teeth arrived?? HELP PLZ Rss

My 7 mnth old daughter just last thurs got her 1st 2 teeth. Since their arrival she has had the runs and nappy rash developed, I have 2 other children and have experienced nappy rash before BUT this is soooo bad her little tush is rd raw even to the point that she sometimes slightly bleeds and her skin looks like its sort of weepy I feel helpless. Everytime she fluffs she poos (runny) so I cant keep it dry. I have been using zink cream, bepanthen & paw paw. Does anyone have any other suggestions. I have also tried leaving her nappy off abit to dry it out but a soon as its nap time and her nappy goes back on its back. Its been 5 days now & I don't know how to help er any other way. sad

Mumma of 3.

one thing I was told by the dr when DS1 had bad nappy rash from HF&M, is stop using wipes, use a wet cloth or I used make up pads soaked in water. Let it dry out as much as possible. I used zinc cream as it soaks into the skin, as far a I know the paw paw cream (although awesome stuff) will keep the skin too moist. I also used a bit of talc to help dry the area too.
I would use Curash nappy rash cream or Sudocrem. I used on DS when he had a terrible heat rash. It dried the rash up while keeping his skin moisturised. Also because it's very thick it stays on for ages!
Not sure but I THINK you might be able to get special creams for severe nappy rash from the pharmacist, or maybe on prescription from your doctor.
My DD gets the same rash, I even had to take her to the hospital at one stage as she didn't stop screaming, they gave me, "Nappy Paste" you can buy it from a chemist, it's a brown looking paste/cream. It works really well it's the only nappy rash stuff I buy now.
DD1 was like that, she would bleed as soon as her poop hit her bottom, everytime she cut a tooth, fo her Dermaid would clear it up over night... when It got really bad canesten also worked....

AND as gross as it is letting air get to it.... I used to pop water proof mats and towels down and take her nappy off and keep an eye on her other wise it was too hard to keep dry
sudocream worked really well combined with nappy free time... everything eles just dident cut the cheese if you no what i mean smile
Aloe Vera straight from the plant or Sudocream.
My lil man gets the same thing and i lather his tushie in Sudocream and it protects him until the next change, I also found if i slightly changed the food he ate it helped as well. but I stand by the lathering of the sudocream, that stuff is GOLD!!


Dactozin is a life saver when it comes to bad nappy rash! It is available over the counter at any pharmacy. It is a zinc paste with an anti-fungal in it. When nappy rash gets bad it is very common for it to be fungal as inside a warm wet nappy is an excellent place for it to grow! (grose!)

Curash powder at every change and heaps of nappy free time is also great.

I hope her toshie is getting better!
If it is weepy that sounds like she has got a fungal infection. Stop using wipes as they will exacerbate the situation. Use a wet cloth and put a little bit of salt in the warm water. Ask at your pharmacy for an antifungal cream. Also I know it sounds weird but try putting vaseline on it once it is dry that will protect it from getting too wet again

My DS was the same when he used to teeth. Either gastro or the flue.

When he had the bad nappy rash it would turn into a type of thrush and you will need a special cream to help it heel. Can't remember the name of the one I used but I'm sure a chemist can help.

I also loved the Curash cream the best as a good one to paste on the help protect it.

Good luck.

Darcy''s Mum

Hi. My boy also got a really bad rash when teething. Went to the doctor about it and it was a fungal infection. Gave me a cream starting with C which worked instantly. It is available over the counter at the pharmacy. Hope this helps
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