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Is it possible???? Lock Rss

Hi mummies,

Is it possible for my 3 month old to be teething already??? He has started to be unsettled and is now chewing...not sucking...CHEWING on his fingers. I thought 3 months was too young. First little nappy rash too, I know these are symtoms of teething but is 3months too young?
Yep deffinatley could be teething but it may be weeks or months before an actual toothy peg pokes through,he may also juts have discovered his hands and are very fascinating and sucking on them for fun smile
He found his hand weeks ago and has been sucking on his fists...but now he is actually chewing...and quite hard too...on his pointer finger and thumb.
DEFINATELY! My DD got her two bottom teeth at 3 1/2 months. She had symptoms for about a month before ( refusing feeds, DROOLING!, sucking/chewing, rosy red cheeks, clingyness, ear ache -you name it!). I sppke to the CHN and she said don't be silly, bubs too young. But lo and behold a few weeks later ...up they popped. She is 10 months and now has 8 teeth with two more on the way. GRR!

There is a lot of action going on under those gums and it's possible to have symptoms months before the teeth appear.They more up and down under the gums for a while.

Go with your gut. I use to hold a cooled teething ring to her mouth ( she was too youg to hold herself) or you could try a cool wash cloth for her to chew on. Bonjella is for 4 months on but I always used it at 3 months. Also Brauer's teething relief medicine calmed her grumpy moods.

Good luck!
Yes it's possible my little girl was born with her 2 bottom teeth and started teething from then on which was heartbreaking because we couldnt give her anything and teething products wouldnt fit in her mouth
It is absolutely possible!! My DD started at 4 months!
Uh huh grin Both my boys got 2 bottom teeth just before they hit 3 months!

My Daughter started teething around 2 and a half months old, Shes nearly 7 months and she still hasnt got any teeth yet!!
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