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Teething early Rss

My little girl has started drippling heaps these past few weeks and I've just noticed her first tooth coming through. She is only 3 and 1/2 months old and the tooth is coming through up the top. She seems quite advanced for her age with most things so I'm thinking that all babies are different and she's just getting her teeth a little earlier than what I thought. Any suggestions though on what I can do to help her during the day, she is quite grizzly and wants to be held a lot. She is in a eat, play, sleep routine and is sleeping anywhere from 7-10 at night, before waking for a feed. Her day sleeps though are getting shorter, sometimes only 40 minutes. Any sugestions would be great.
Teething gel, panadol, teething toy (one of the ones with water in it), cold face washer to chew/suck on...
My DD got her first one at 4 months and unfortunately nothing worked for her. She was on Nurofen, Panadol, Bonjela and ice in a face washer and she screamed all day. After that one broke through the others seemed to just unsettle her a bit.

Good Luck!
I know they get mixed reviews on here but I LOVE our amber teething necklace. DD got her first tooth at 3.5 months and had 8 teeth by 9 months old. I swear by the teething necklace (you can get them off ebay for around $12-$15). We also use Brauer teething relief (homeopathic you can get it from the chemist) and sedagel.

The day sleeps thing might just be a phase. DD went through stages of sleeping 1.5 hours to 45 mins to currently 2.5 hour days sleeps.
My little boy is the same at the moment and I was suggested it was teething, I've tried checking but he doesn't like to let me check his mouth. I also at the moment am using Brauer teething relief which after awhile will calm him and I was also given an amber teething necklace, I've only just started him on the necklace and have already noticed a difference. I have also given him a cold damp face washer that seems to relieve him for a short period. He is also not sleeping during the day more naps anywhere from 15 mins to 4 mins if that some days. Nights he seems fine and sleeps anywhere from 8-10 hours.

Also Bonjela Gel is for 4 months +

Also my little boy is only just 3 months as of today, and a friend of mine her little girl is 5 and half months now and she was under 3 months with her first tooth and now has 5 teeth!
Thanx for all the advice, Im going to try the Braur teething stuff to see if that helps. Im a first time Mum so I love this forum as it
helps when Im finding myself at a loose end. Something else which my gorgeous girl has been doing of late is straining. Its not toilet related as her bowel movements are often. At times its as if shes frustrated at her toys or she wants to do more than she can. She is usually always a happy and very talkative baby, but of late she will feed, then play for maybe 20 minutes then start this straining noise. If I show her attention that doesnt even help, she will do it when I hold her and also before going to sleep. Shes burps and passing wind well so I dont think its that.....i was thinking of trying gripe water just in case. Not sure if anyone can help.
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