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amber teething necklaces Lock Rss

Just wondering if there were better brands than others for the amber teething necklaces? I saw a couple of different kinds in babycity the other day and the sales lady was most unhelpful so I'm not sure what kind to get and whether some work better than others?

I have heard you keep them on all the time except bathing and swimming, is this correct?

Thanks in advance grin
I got my DD an amber teething bracelet from babycity, she can wear it round her ankle so she dosent pull it off and lose it.
Ive actually found it quite helpful as shes not nearly as grumpy with teething.
The lady who sold it to me said they are safer than necklaces too.
I dont get it wet either, i worry the string might break.
Hope you found this helpful smile
I've got the bambeado brand. I would assume that all the brands do the same thing.
You are not meant to wear them swimming or in the shower & they say to take if off when sleeping aswell.
I use the necklace for DD & have not had any problems (dont use the bracelet anymore as she is too big for it). It is short enough for her to not put it in her mouth. She has pulled it once & the clasp is designed to come undone so the sting doesn't break (hope i explained that clearly).

Maybe look up the bambeado website & the sites for the other brands you have seen to get an idea on what you would prefer.
Hi. I one for DD2 and love it so much! Works so well for her and looks cute! Alas, she is getting her last tooth at the moment so we won't need it soon sad. LOL.
I think so long as the amber beads are the real deal, there won't be a brand better than another. You can google ways to test for real amber. Make sure the beads are tied off individually and try get a metal safety clasp. I have seen so threaded bead clasps on some necklaces. The metal safety clasp is designed to break under pressure to prevent choking/hanging. They're not supposed to get wet as this will deteriorate the quality of the cotton/silk string used. And they're not for chewing on.
I got mine from and it's such great quality. It has lasted for oever 2 years so far. DD1 had intermittent use and DD2 wears her every day.

Good luck smile


I had heard there were synthetic ones out there which is why I thought I'd ask about brands. (Apparently they don't have the stuff that genuine amber does that actually makes the necklace work in the first place).

I hope to get some tomorrow grin
HI, there is Amber then there is Baltic Amber.
Only Baltic amber contains the acid which helps with teething.

Ideally they are to be worn as often as possible. I leave my sons on 24/7 but its completely up to the parent if they wish to remove at night.
Alot of parents feel its safer to remove and pop around the ankle.

I stock the resin clasp type, as many people have allergies to the metal. Be it sterling or base metal.

Hope that helps x
I got DD necklace from
100% genuin and not expensive at all we got DD's for $25+ postage. since we got DD's there has been no need for nurofen

good luck
Hi there, i have recently got a amber teething bracelet for my 5 month old, it is around his ankle it's been on for only 4 days, when will i start noticing a change? he is still waking through the night sometimes looking for a feed or most of the time its comfort. he used to sleep through the night before he started teething. and how do i know that i have got a good amber teething bracelet?
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