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Mesh Dummies Lock Rss

My DD is starting to teeth and she loves to having cold thing in her mouth but she can't yet hold a teether well enough to keep it in her mouth . I have been putting her dummies in the freezer and she loves that but they dont stay cold very long .
I was wondering if anyone has tried the mesh dummies with ice in them for teething and is there an age restiction . My DD is only three months old .

Not an age restriction but you will probably find you have the same issue - they need to hold them as well. But they are good for when they start solids, can put bits of watermelon in there etc and kids can stuck the life out of it without fear of choking.

My 1yr old likes chomping on ice in there - it's a handy way to give them ice. I think we only got ours around 6 months, and she wasn't too good at holding it for a wee while.
those mesh things are a pain IMO my kids both hated them and if your DD cant hold a teether then the mesh will be no different really.

have you tried a cold face washer? i would dampen a face washer and curl it up into a sausage and pop it in the freezer for 10mins, then let my kids chew on it. easy to hold and the chill is soothing..just be prepared to change their shirt afterwards. obviously make sure the washer is clean and use cooled boiled water to dampen if bubs only 3 months.
DS loves his mesh thing. It just takes patience but ur LO wont be teething 24/7 til they are able to hold it.
DS was holding his just before 4 months and he still uses it now - great when sick!

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