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Teething??? Rss

My bub has been really unsettled all week and is biting down on things, dribbling and won't sleep on her own. When she is asleep and is put in her cot she wakes up but will go straight back to sleep when picked up. I end up nursing her at night so she sleeps and so I get some sort of sleep. She is breastfed and is feeding which is good.

Do you think it's teething? Any ideas on how I can get her to sleep on her own?

From a very tired mummy sad

Proud Mummy

Yup it sounds exactly like my DD1!!!! She does the same thing when she is teething, Its definitely exhausting (I was up every 2 hours with her & was beside myself at 2am this morning)!!!! Have you tried Bonjela?? Also Panadol or nurofen help too, I also have a stack of teething rings in my freezer & she loves chomping on them (I keep a heap of them because when her teething is bad as soon as they start to warm up she throws them on the floor lol) I dont know how much truth is in this but I was told that she plays up when I lie her flat because teething can make their ears sore too & when they lie down it puts pressure on their ears!?!?! When DD1 is really bad I have resorted to putting her in a 1st years portable bed thingy in my bed next to me, its the only way I get sleep, I was also told too that having her dummy at night helps & it does seem to, But take heart, it only lasts a couple of days at a time, Hope this helps a little bit (if it makes sense lol, Im massively sleep deprived atm) & let me know how you get on!!!
How old is your baby? It sounds like she could be teething. Other signs to look out for include having a raised temperature, having nappy rash and having urine which is smellier than usual. If you look at her gums (if she will let you!) they will probably be more red than usual.

From what you say it sounds like she is normally a good sleeper, which would suggest that her being unsettled now is probably due either to teething or to some illness which might have her feeling under the weather. In that case, you might just need to go with it - if she'll only sleep on you for now then that might be what you have to do for now, until she starts to feel better.

If you don't mind using medicine, you can try giving her paracetamol to settle her (if it were me, I'd do this right before she goes to sleep for the night and see how you go). There are other remedies for teething such as using a frozen teething ring to gnaw on, but of course these are for during the day and probably aren't going to be any help to get her off to sleep for the night, but you could give them a go tomorrow.
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