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Teething...Aaaghhh!! Lock Rss

What are some of your experiences with teething? DD is nearly 6 months and clearly teeth are coming! She's rubbing her gums constantly with hands, her tongue, her dummy but the last 3 days has been really fighting naps and when she does fall asleep, only sleeps for half hour before waking up in obvious pain...although it seems to be belly pain as well. Does teething create other issues too? Or could the short naps be indicating something else?
Ah Teeth!!!

In my personal experience teeth relate to everything else in the body somehow. DD (2yrs has all of her teeth), and has always had bowel issues and a runny nose with teething.

DS (5mths) has 2 teeth, and 2 on the way. He hasn't had tummy issues, but does have a runny nose too.

Doctors will tell you they can't be related, but most mothers will disagree.

Good luck with it smile
hi find bonjela really helpful only use it when I really need to.heard a bit about amber necklaces,how do they help with teethin and are they safe for a 4 and a half month old?my we man has the turtle tummy time its awsome
My daughter is 5 and half mths old, she is teething as well and i find she is dribbling like no tomorrow and runny nose and her sleep pattern is all over the place cause she isnt sleeping properly.
And she has been wearing a amber teething necklace around her wrist (DP didnt like it around her neck due to choking hazard) sice she was 3mth old.
I dont know if it is working very well but i am too scared to take it off just incase it is working and she will just have worse symtpons?
Do you think it could be because its not around her neck that her symptoms of teething havnt reduced?
Hi Honey, Bella-Rose has just cut her 2nd tooth & what a freaking nightmare!!! Her 1st one came through fine (she had an Amber Necklace on) & we didnt even realise she was teething... BUT this time was horrid, I left her Necklace off thinking I would see if there was a difference & holy crap!!! She had a Temp, Diorhea (sp), pain, sleepess nights, rosy cheeks, & a list of other stuff!!! My advice is grab one of the Necklaces, I swear by hers now- At night I just put it around her ankle, The other thing you could try which helped Bella-Rose is those Zooper Dooper things... But I gave her the whole thing, Packet & all, (supervised though) that way she could chomp to her hearts content but wasnt getting the sugar hit tongue & we could just refreeze it when she was done, Hope DD is feeling better soon!!
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