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First time Mum, first tooth Lock Rss

I will give you my background first. My boy Joel is nearly 7 months old. We had a rough start with breastfeeding with incorrect latching for 6 weeks due to a tongue tie which we had corrected. I was in agony. I persevered and am exclusively BF. He was also a very spilly baby which the doc and paediatrician thought was reflux so from that he had a bit of drop in weight gain. He is now on about the 3rd percentile but now gaining steadily along that line. I wanted to share this with you so that you can understand why making sure my son is getting enough nutrition is a huge deal to me.

Anyway. Joel has been on solids for a month once a day. I started him on twice a day last week which some days he wants the second lot of food and other days he doesn't and will gag and sometimes vomit his food and the milk up. Or just flat out refuse it.

He has now got his first tooth coming and yesterday and today he has flat out refused all solid foods (tried 3 times) maybe had 4 teaspoons all up. I know that this is normal but he doesn't seem that bothered with pain or anything (maybe a little more grizzly than normal but nothing major) I just want to know if anyone has had a similar experience. Like I said It stresses me out as feeding is something I have worried about through my whole motherhood journey and I know it shouldn't.

He is breastfeeding well 4 times during the day and a dream feed at about 10:30pm. He is the happiest crooziest baby otherwise which is what I should be focusing on more but I'm just not.

Ok. From all that all I really want to know is how long can they refuse food for while teething. The Plunket Nurse said just to leave the solids for now and BF until the tooth comes and then try again. I asked about iron and she said he will be fine. I just will feel a lot better to have someone that has been through the same and to tell me it will be sweet as. Thanks. Other than this I am enjoying every moment with my baby and I am a very happy Mumsy. smile Look forward to your feedback
Well. I'm happy now. He ate two meals today. I was going to leave it but he was wanting more after breast feeds so Yay! Back to normal. Woo!
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